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Summary: Your secret chat with God nothing, nothing can be told to the world.

Hidden manna

Revelation 2:17”To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna..”

The secret notes scribbled in your diary,

the sermons that you preach to yourself in the hiding place

the dreams


secret chat with God

nothing, nothing can be told to the world.

Ask Joseph and he would tell you the 'heaps' that he had shared with God in the prison which none knew about.....This message is for the ones who have been faithful, loyal, endured sufferings, humiliation and rejection for the sake of Christ; He knows your commitment and constancy in the secret place of your hiding and would reward you accordingly and abundantly. God promised, “To Him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna..!” This scripture had been haunting me for long! How would this ‘hidden manna’ taste has been the lingering thought in my heart!

Rather than eat the delicacies of the rich which is deceptive (Proverbs 23:3”Do not desire the delicacies of the wicked, For it is deceptive food.” ) I choose to eat the hidden manna from God. Oooh! A few years back when I went for village ministry, I had to stay for a couple of days in a pastor’s house, I announced “only curd rice” as my diet preference since I was dealing with demonic deliverance, I stayed away from rich food. After hectic ministry, on the last day I travelled to another village to share the Word in the morning church service, since I was having lunch in that particular church, I clearly informed the young pastor about my diet preference of ‘curd rice’.

After ceaseless ministry, preaching and deliverance, I got ready to have my lunch and leave for the railway station straight from that village. After I washed my hands and sat, I was in for a pleasant surprise when hot chicken biryani was kept in front of me. I turned to the pastor and chided him ‘did I not tell you about my diet?’ With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, he said, ‘please enjoy the meal aka (sister)’.

As I bent my head to whisper a word of prayer and eat, I could see the twinkle in the eyes of my Jesus and His mischievous grin as He said, ‘Come on, eat Bala, this is my hidden manna for you!’

The secret chit- chat with God……

nothing, nothing can be told to the world.

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