Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Did you know God is masterful and a specialist in this area of deeply hiding the best? He never flaunts the gifts!


Isaiah 45:3”I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

Crazy title! Well, let’s stick to it! I like those cookies that has a hard coating on the outside; yet, when you bite, suddenly you get to taste something juicy, sugary, yummy and mouth-watering cream that spreads all over your taste buds and fills your mouth! Have you watched eyes pop out and face sparkle when kids get to experience and taste such cookies? The entire place is in splits and the environment is filled with fun! Since I work among kids, I write this piece with experience!

The biscuit manufacturers have an uncanny way of getting at kids! Anything that is hidden deep inside certainly does stir curiosity! The cream hidden in the crevices of the cookies and smoothly covered on the outside does create excitement for kids! Did you know God is masterful and a specialist in this area of deeply hiding the best? He never flaunts the gifts! Baby Jesus was hidden in the midst of the swaddling clothes and hidden in a manger. Moses was hidden in the Midian desert for 40 years before God took him to king Pharaoh. God knows when to burst the bubble and bring out the joy! Anything that emerges through God is bound to be the best!! Are you listening?

Can you smell and feel the taste of strawberry that is packed with knack and buried inside the cookies? You know what, I never got to have a cupboard in my home, I ran out of funds when I bought my apartment, so I postponed the wooden work, eventually we never got to do it. We lived for many years with open shelves, then came my call to the mission field, after which we sold our own apartment and shifted to a rented apartment and kept shifting very regularly; however, though some houses were huge and lovely, yet they lacked in-built wooden cupboards! Keeping things in open cupboards looked shabby and maintaining them were tedious. I ached for closed, classy cupboards where I could just tuck my things inside! God made a note of this I guess!

The last time when we had to shift our house, even after several rounds of wanderings and navigating the area endlessly, we did not get the right kind of house for us. When we were exhausted, frustrated and bushed-out, a kind-hearted teacher who works in our school said, “ I went walking in and around the area to find a house for you’ll and found something nice.” Oh, the word ‘nice’ was an understatement! The place was gorgeous! As I walked into that place, guess what I saw all around! Cupboards! Ivory colored, lovely classy wooden cupboards everywhere! I said everywhere! I smiled to myself! I knew I have come to the right place. I went round joyfully peeping inside the cupboards! After the hard struggle they were like strawberry cream hidden deep inside the cookie! Hallelujah!

Fear not! Struggle may seem endless, waiting may seem pointless, situation may look hopeless; yet, in the midst of this darkness, God would do a miracle and fill you with happiness!

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