Summary: The key points of the book written to the Hebrews

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The Seven Superiorities of Hebrews

1. Superiority of Christ over the Prophets (1:1-3)

2. Superiority of Christ over the Angels (1:4-2:18)

3. Superiority of Christ over Moses (3:1-4:14)

4. Superiority of Christ’s Priesthood (4:14-7:28)

5. Superiority of Christ’s Covenant (8:1-8:13)

6. Superiority of Christ’s Sanctuary & Sacrifice (9:1-10:18)

7. Superiority of Christian’s Walk of Faith (11:1-13:25)

The Five Crucial Warnings of Hebrews

1. The Danger of Neglect (2:1-4)

2. The Danger of Unbelief (3:7-4:13)

3. The Danger of Immaturity (5:11-6:20)

4. The Danger of Drawing Back (10:26-32)

5. The Danger of Refusing God (12:25-29)

The Seven Superiorities of Melchizedek’s Priesthood

1. Melchizedek blessed Abraham (7:1)

2. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (7:2)

3. Melchizedek is a type of priest that lives forever (7:3)

4. His permanence supercedes Levitical priesthood (7:4-7)

5. Levi paid tithes through Abraham (7:9,10)

6. Melchizedek was made priest without an oath (7:20)

7. Melchizedek’s priesthood can not be transmitted of interrupted (7:24)

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