Summary: Though Jesus could have saved Himself on the cross with just a word, He could not save Himself and do for us what we so desperately needed. Look at the reasons why "Himself He Could not Save."

"Himself He Could Not Save"

Matthew 27:32-56


In these verses we come to the scene of Jesus’ death on the cross. None of the Gospel writers linger in any detail on the specifics of the cruelty of crucifixion. It was an endless struggle to push-up for breath until suffocation took place. The arms of the already weakened victim were outstreached and the legs bent just enough for the person to be able to push up on the nail in the feet to obtain relief in breathing until the crucified became too weak to push up for breath.

The key verse in the passage is Matthew 27:42: "He save others; himself he cannot save." Here is truth in the guise of mockery. Why could Jesus not save Himself? We know that He literally could have called 10,000 angels to His aid at any moment. BUT JESUS COULD NOT SAVE HIMSELF AND:


A. Jesus was led away. He was so badly beaten that He needed help carrying the cross. Simon had to be compelled to serve. We are often so unwilling to help others. Many people today live by a motto of "Don’t get involved." There are people all around us who need our love and care.

B. As Jesus suffered, the soldiers gambled for His few earthly belongings. They were cold, hard, blind and indifferent to the suffering around them. Many people today have become numb to the suffering in their midst. How about you?

C. Jesus will change that coldness into a love that cares for others. He will give you a burning desire to serve Him and in so doing to help others. Had Jesus been unwilling to go to the cross, there would have been no hope of setting the uncaring heart free to love and help others.

"Himself He Could Not Save And:"


A. Painful words that cut like knives were hurled at Jesus on the cross. He was blasphemed and mocked.

B. The irony is so powerful -- the people He died for dared Him to end His saving work by coming down from the cross!

C. The very people you love the most, and seek to serve, will often be the ones to inflict the most severe pain.

D. Jesus desires to redeem the whole person. Your words and attitudes reflect your heart. What do they say about you today?

"Himself He Could Not Save And:"


A. From noon to 3 p.m. it was dark that Friday--the true condition of the life without Jesus.

B. Jesus suffered all of the alienation between God and men/women on that cross (v.46).

C. Jesus’ death removed any barrier between you and God. You have access to the Most Holy Place through your faith in Jesus!

"Himself He Could Not Save And:"


A. At Jesus’ death and resurrection, bodies came out of graves. His death made life possible which was symoblized here by the raising of the dead.

B. When you receive Jesus you pass from death to life. If you have never given your life to Jesus, won’t you come out of your grave today?

C. This life is for you--the Roman Centurion believed--so can you!!!!


Jesus saved others. He wants to save you!! You see, that is why He could not save Himself. Won’t you respond to His amazing and forgiving Love today?

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