Summary: Philip looked at the cash; Andrew looked at the crowd; the lad looked at Christ.


John 6:1-12

We have all thrilled to the wonder of this miracle, which is the only one recorded in all the four gospels. We know that it proclaims the provision made for the souls of men through the precious work of Christ, through the Bread that was broken for us upon the Cross, that sinners might eat and live forever.

There are many who reject the truth of the miracles

of Christ. One such individual was a Sunday School teacher who told her class of boys that Jesus never did such a miracle. "Why," she said, "He was a man like other men - more holy, no doubt, but still only a man, and He could not do anything like that. What really happened was that Jesus spoke to those thousands of people, and He was such a fluent and forceful speaker that, when He got through with His speaking, they all just felt filled; that’s how it was."

Up flew one little hand, and when the little hand was recognized, he said: "Teacher, what filled them baskets?"

It was a miracle.


The Lord asked the question: "Whence shall we buy


Philip answers in verse 7 in “with what.” Philip was in a panic, but Jesus already had a plan! Let me remind you this morning that the trinity never meets in emergency session!

Philip calculated without faith


Andrew finds a lad with five loaves and two fishes, but what is that among so many (9). Andrew speculated without faith. Neither of these disciples listened to Christ. Philip looked at the cash; Andrew looked at the crowd. Neither of them looked at Christ.

Where Philip said, "Impossible," Andrew said, "Illogical." Both of these men had made one fatal flaw; they failed to look at Christ.

That’s still the weakness in much of our Christian service.

Andrew had a weak sort of faith in Christ when he brought the lad with five small buns and two small fishes to the Lord and said, "What are they among so many?" He certainly knew that what the lad had was utterly insufficient to meet the need of five thousand men, beside women and children.


The lad must have felt that perhaps the Lord could do something with that such a small supply. The Lord could, and He did. In fact, He could have fed that vast crowd without having anything at all, for He made the worlds out of nothing in the first place.

I have often wondered how Andrew learned of the lad’s lunch.

However, the use of this boy’s lunch illustrates that our blessed Lord wants to use what we offer Him.

The story is told of a young preacher who was preaching before a critical audience. He took this incident in the life of Christ for his text, but in his nervous excitement, lie got things twisted a little.

"Friends," said he, "I am going to speak to you this

morning on how Jesus fed five men and women on five

thousand loaves and two thousand fishes."

"That’s nothing," said a old deacon sitting on the front seat, "I can do that."

The preacher made no reply but went on with his preaching. The next Sunday, he took the same text and subject, and this time, speaking very slowly and deliberately he said, "Friends, I am going to speak to you again this morning on how our Lord fed five thousand men,

beside women and children, on five loaves and two little

fishes." And then, leaning far over the pulpit, he said to the

deacon, “Brother, can you do that, too?”

“I sure can,” came the reply.

“How?” asked the preacher with astonishment

“I can do it with what was left over from last Sunday,” came the answer from the deacon.

Well that is the way it is with us too. If we are able to do some great thing, we have to have something to do it with, but not the Lord.

He does not have to, but he does want us to take our little and give it to Him.

Now, I want us to consider tonight the little lad with the five loaves and two fishes.

Three are three things the lad could have done with his five loaves and two fishes.

I. He could delight on the loaves and fishes selfishly, but he did not!

He could have eaten them himself. He could have enjoyed them all to himself. He could have enjoyed what he had and never shared it with others.

Christians often live just for themself. We have the best well kept secret in all the world.

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