Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What was so important about the name of John the Baptist? Could it be the fact that it broke the back of tradition?

His Name Is John

How many came to have church this morning?

I’m not talking about just going through the

motions today!

I’m not talking about coming in here and playing


You can play church on your on time. Amen?

How many came to really have some church in the

house of God this morning?

Well turn to your neighbor and say "Neighbor,

Welcome to Church Alive!"

Tell ’em say "Neighbor, This ain’t no dead church,

It’s alive."

This ain’t your Grandma’s church!

This ain’t your Grandpa’s church!

This might not be the kind of church that you’re

use to.

’Cause it’s not the traditional church!

But that’s alright ’cause It’s God’s church!

And I don’t know about you, but I come into God’s

church this morning that I might praise Him in

the sanctuary!

I’m gonna worship Him in the house of God today.


I’m gonna shout about His glory in this place


I’m gonna thank Him for the breath in my lungs

and the song in my heart!

I give Him glory for the very life He’s given to me!

And I praise Him for the very life that He gave for


His praises will continually be in my mouth!

Because where his people are praising His name

the Bible says that His presence is there also!

And where His presence is how many know’s that

that’s where His power flows!

You can’t be in the presence of God without

having the power of God there also,

And you can’t experience the power of God

without the presence of God being there first.


How many in here this morning knows that God is

here this morning!

We’re standing in His presence this morning!

And how many knows that that’s right where we

need to be!

Because in His presence is where life is!

That’s where the gifts of his Holy Spirit are


In His presence is where the fruit of the Spirit

become ripe!

That’s where God’s power flows!

It’s where healing takes place!

It’s where grace flows freely to all who will believe!

And it’s where we were created to be!

God created each and everyone of us to commune

with Him,

And to come into His presence to fellowship with


Since the beginning of time He has desired to have

fellowship with man!

The Bible says that He walked in the Garden of

Eden in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve.

The Bible says that Enoch walked with God!

And God spoke to Noah!

The Bible says that He made a covenant with

Abraham and fellowshipped with Him,

And that He appeared unto Isaac and confirmed

that covenant with Him!

And not only did He appear unto Jacob in the


The Bible says that Jacob wrestled with God!

He had a close encounter with God! Amen?

God wants us to have a close encounter with Him

this morning!

He’s willing to do whatever is necessary to lead us

into His presence this morning!

In Moses’ day He appeared in the form of a

burning bush and called Moses that He might

redeem unto Himself the children of Israel.

And He led them out to Mt. Horeb into His very


He commanded Moses to build a tabernacle in the

wilderness that they might live in His presence.

And at the dedication of Solomon’s temple He

filled it with His chekinah glory to the point that

the minister’s were not able to stand.

And they were being slain in the Spirit all over the

House of God.

He wants to have that same kind of encounter

with you this morning!

He wants us to come into His presence to the

point that we lose control and are over whelmed

by His Spirit!

And how many knows that He’s willing to go to

extremes to get what He wants.

He was willing to wrap Himself in human flesh

and come to this Earth over 2000 years ago,

And die on a cross that He might restore the

fellowship that He once had with man in the


And after He conquered death, Hell, and the grave

and ascended into Heaven,

He still desired that we all might be in constant

communion with Him.

So on the day of Pentecost the Bible says that He

poured out His Spirit among men that we might

all walk in His presence daily.

God wants to fellowship with us daily! Amen?

If He had His way not a second of every minute of

everyday would go by when we were not in His


The problem with the church today is that we

don’t feel the need to come into the presence of


We don’t invite God into our churches let alone

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