Summary: When the KING walks in, all the other ‘dust’ has to just fly away! I am talking about Jesus Christ of Nazareth who just swept me off the floor to be His precious treasure! Amen.

His special treasure!

Exodus 19:5”Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine.”

It was around midnight, my last day in my apartment, that I had adored, bought with lot of joy and invested not only lot of money but also lot of efforts of going around the town to buy all the fittings for the apartment. My entire family had gone with the first load of household goods that were shifted to the new rented place, but I was hanging on to go in the next trip. It was a poignant moment of isolation with God! This was the place I enjoyed the touch of God and got healed, this was the place where my son Joshua was born, this was the place we started our first prayer meeting, this was the place I shared my testimony for the first time and much more…..and now I was leaving this place. But now I have met someone more special than this mere building! Glory to Jesus!

I was so passionate and obsessed about keeping the white marbled floor clean that I would as much as possible keep people away from my home. Such was the selfish nature! It was my passionate treasure! How could I explain to you the way that obsession just was wiped away from me? How? How? When the KING walks in, all the other ‘dust’ has to just fly away! I am talking about Jesus Christ of Nazareth who just swept me off the floor to be His precious treasure! Amen.

Though a Christian, the above scripture had not permeated deep into my heart and senses and I had no clear revelation of who I am! The Lord said, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” Isaiah 43:1. Boy! I’m excited! You are no orphan. You are not abandoned or forgotten but His special treasure! Hey! Let this message pick you up today! Jesus speaks to each one of you and says, ‘ you are mine!’

Today I smile as I type this devotion, at my naivety of clinging on to worldly toys while my Heavenly Dad was all the while looking out for me to cling on to Him. Are you listening? Look at the above scripture carefully please, when you obey His voice and keep His covenant, then you become His priceless possession! Amen. No other gimmicks, just obedience. Stop pleasing worldly people and start pleasing the Master of the Universe who is able to bless you in heaps, He says, ‘for all the earth is Mine.’ Amen.

As I meditate this scripture deeper and deeper, weariness, depression, weakness and loneliness vanish immediately. Just two months immediately after a big operation, I had to plunge into ministry work, travel, preaching, teaching, writing and a lot of other work, what keeps me going is not ‘energy drink’ or ‘tonics’, it is His Word. Our ‘Abide Angel Home’ may be noisy and in chaos at times life may get tough at times, but His words bring a springy, bouncy feeling within me! We are His precious possession! God would never forsake us!

Come out of religious activity and a dull relationship with God, get into a lively, personal relationship with Him. It is just fun! After more than a decade of knowing Him personally, I still feel thrilled of belonging to the Messiah! This relationship with God is open for everybody who would accept Jesus into his/her life and make a decision to follow His Word. Christian! Be the first one to shed your ‘dead religion’ and walk into His arms!

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