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Summary: His ways are higher! He would equip you well for the job!

His ways are higher!

Isaiah 55:9 " For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

I desperately needed God to release help for me; with truckload of work, I had very few hands to do it. Top priority was one more teacher in our school! Glued to the chair at the church, I kept praying unceasingly! Seriously, I was stuck to the chair at church! I was told ‘someone’ had come to see me; a middle-aged woman with hands, legs and face yellow in color - due to regular use of turmeric as a religious ritual - forehead filled with colorful bindi stood at the door. A typical look of a strong Brahmin woman! I was actually looking for a strong believer with good Bible knowledge who would impart good teachings to our school kids, but I had a nudge in my heart to consider her. His ways are higher! After interviewing her I asked her to join the next day. Raised eyebrows, strange looks revealed the shock of people around me; however, I stuck to my decision.

During the prayer time at our Abide Public School, the first two days she was silently observing things, on the third day, she folded her hands and closed her eyes to worship the Lord. Slowly she started singing along with the kids, recently she attended our ‘revival meeting’ in the church and sat with rapt attention. Both the teachers in our school are strong hindus but now they can sing several Christian songs, recite Bible verses from memory and they also have come to know the Bible stories. I was hunting for strong believers as teachers, God squashed my plans and planted gentile teachers – for a greater purpose! His ways are always higher!Are you listening?

I could passionately talk non-stop for several hours on the pulpit but God chose to take me to an exotic zone, where I had zero experience and nil knowledge of the language. It was eerie! Even today, when I watch my fiery, passionate sermons being translated into telugu at times insipidly like a prose lesson – I cry at times and feel like a dumb person desperately wanting to make a point. My several years of experience in the creamy, corporate world and everything that came along with it, were dumped and I was dragged by my Master into the streets to pick up little ‘rose petals’ that were trampled by the beasts. I write this portion with tears! Sudden passion and a fervent desire to save kids soared in my heart! What followed thereafter was a long, painful, difficult and rough terrain that taught me heaps of lessons; I had to battle with the wicked forces to get the kids. I had to battle with a mother “Narasamha’ to release her 3 kids to join our school, who were loitering the streets while she was away picking garbage. After more than a year of struggle, she joined her kids in our school – it cost me several nights of prayer, tears and fasting. All the kids are growing up wonderfully with discipline and good manners, the last three year old is deaf and dumb, but still I have kept him with me. After several years of moving around with the elite crowd, here I am ministering to little ‘rose petals’ picked up from the road side. His ways are higher! He would equip you well for the job!

This message comes to you prophetically! Do you feel strange in a new environment, do you feel uneasy and lost? Do you feel inexperienced in a new project? If you are in His will then nothing else matters! Settle into His Arms! He will bring you through!

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