Summary: To learn lessons from Oft-neglected Jewish Festivals which have been described as shadow of Christ as regards both His First Advent and His Second Advent!!!


Before coming to the second group of Jewish festivals signifying those events in Christian history, which are yet to occur it is pertinent to ponder…if paramount events in Christian history, such as crucifixion of Christ, pouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples took place EXACTLY on the day of relevant Jewish festivals, will not other important future events related to Christianity take place on the days of other relevant Jewish festivals? The answer is yes. Period!


5.FEAST OF TRUMPETS in Hebrew Language :Rosh Hashanah Leviticus 23:23-24/Numbers 29:1-6

ACTION: Display of pictures of

a) Shofar being blown/Yours truly also blows the same (especially brought from the Holy Land) in front of the congregation..ha..ha..

b) Archangel blowing the trumpet at the zero hour

c) Rapture of Christians

The Jews are summoned from the fields of work by the trumpet blast during this Festival which comes at crop harvest time after the autumn rains. Based on sighting of full moon, this festival is celebrated over a period of 2 days.

Jewish reason for celebrating

To commemorate the Creation of Adam. Chronologically, this festival, ought to have been THE FIRST, going by the historical order of events. BUT CLEARLY WE SEE, DIVINE PROVIDENCE IN PLACING THIS FESTIVAL, AT THE FIFTH SPOT, because it has to serve the purpose of highlighting , yet another landmark event in the order it would occur in CHRISTIAN HISTORY-RAPTURE!!!

Christian significance

Called from “fields of work”, by the trumpet blast of the Arch-angel (I Cor 15:51-53/I Thess 4:15-18), at this stage, there would be a New RECREATION of believers bodies’ into eternal, raptured, glorified state like the one Adam possessed BEFORE the Fall. This would also signal, the beginning of 7-year tribulation in the World minus the Church. Sadly, those Jews who have not placed their faith in Jesus Christ would be left behind to face the tribulation.

ACTION: Display of a picture of a confused man with a question mark over his head

If momentous events in Christian history, such as crucifixion of Christ, coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples took place exactly on the day of relevant Jewish festivals, will the rapture take place on the day of yet another Jewish festival-the festival of trumpets? The answer is yes. But wait a minute doesn’t the Bible say that no one knows the date of rapture (Matt 24:36)? Yes! While, I am affirming that the rapture would certainly take place on the day of the Festival of Trumpets in the coming years, please note that I am NOT SPECIFYING THE EXACT year!!!


6.DAY OF ATONEMENT: IN HEBREW LANGUAGE CALLED-YOM KIPPUR- LEVITICUS 16/23:26-27/NUMBERS 29:7-Seven days after the Feast of Trumpets

ACTION: Display of pictures of

a) The Jewish High Priest with the Blood of atonement before the Mercy

seat inside the Holy of Holies of the Temple

b) U-turn traffic sign

c) Christ’s Second coming astride a White horse

Jewish Reason for commemorating

To express their deep anguish of sinning (remembering the worship of the Golden calf). Chronologically, this is the only festival which matches the historical order of events. On the day of atonement, by sacred dice out of 2 goats, one would be selected for sacrifice, whose blood would be placed on the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant while the other (scapegoat) would be taken to the desert and left there to “carry into the wilderness all the sins of the Jewish nation” (Levi 16:7-10). For proper identification, the Jewish priest would tie the red ribbons of varying lengths on their horns after their selection. It is also Jewish tradition that a piece of that red ribbon tied to the horn of the scapegoat, would be tied to the doorpost of the Jewish temple. The moment the scapegoat died in the wilderness, the red ribbon tied to the Temple doorpost would turn “white” indicating Divine acceptance of the sacrifice. But from the year (29 AD) Jesus died on the cross outside the city gates (Heb 13:12), even as per Jewish history, red ribbons (tied to the temple doorpost) continued to remain red in all subsequent Yom Kippurs till Temple destruction in 70 AD as though to suggest once the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world had died (John 1:29), there was no further need for the day of the atonement. When we point this fact out lovingly and respectfully to our Rabbi Friends in order to "nudge" them towards the outstretched arms of the loving Saviour, they would come up with their own interpretation as to why the Red ribbon tied to the Temple door post continued to remain red from 29 AD onwards and that is the Lord was telling them in advance about the impending terrible Temple destruction by this "Sign". When we further try to "nudge" them towards the Loving Saviour by posing a question as to why this "Divine Sign" of "Divine impending wrath" began ONLY in 29 AD (the year the Saviour died the atoning death completely fulfilling the Law and cancelling out all other Jewish religious rituals-Heb 10:14) and not before it or afterwards, they have NO ANSWER. I only hope and pray the Jews (if any) reading this piece would humbly surrender their lives into the hands of their loving, forgiving Messiah.

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