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Summary: Hope is a firm expectation, which makes you have confidence in someone or something. This means that the synonym of hope is trust or confidence.

Hope is a firm expectation, which makes you have confidence in someone or something. This means that the synonym of hope is trust or confidence.

Faith on the other hand is a firm conviction in the accomplishment of something; the confidence that one’s expectation will be met or fulfilled soon.

Do the meanings of these words concur? Can we substitute faith for hope and vice-versa? Can we say that faith is the same thing as hope? The answer is No. Faith is a definite truth; something we believe is happening or will happen soon while hope is an expectation of something happening.

It is true that these words have a close meaning and it is also true that they are connected, as there cannot be hope without faith.

However, you are not holding onto the confession of hope but of faith. You believe (faith) that what you are expecting (hope) will be realized. Therefore there must be faith before what you are hoping for comes to you.

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith”. Feed your spirit man with words of faith.

A man holding onto something never falls, therefore you need to hold fast before you can have what you ask for. Praise God, that we are not called to fall, to stop halfway or to give up completely. Rather we are called to be accomplishers.

No matter the events around you today, no matter the attacks from the camp of the enemy - all these are not important. What is important is your holding fast the profession of your faith. The Bible says that we, in contrast to those in the world, are different and are called by the Most high.

People, who do not give up half way into their mission, people, who achieve their goals are those who hold fast. They are people who do not allow setbacks or stumbling blocks to deter them from accomplishing their objectives because they believe, have faith and hope to the end for God to bring His promises to pass in their lives.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking it is easier said than done. I am not saying the road is going to be paved with gold all the way in your getting to your God-ordained destination in life. Of course there will be times when the roads will not be tarred and you have to walk on stones and other sharp objects. But that is where the holding fast comes in. You hold fast, cling to your faith even when everything and everywhere looks dreary.

There are some movies you watch where a character is about to fall from a tree or mountain. You see him clinging to a part of the mountain or tree with all his strength because he doesn’t want to fall. That is exactly the way you should hold fast, hang on to your faith, hang on as if your life depends on it. Those who hold fast to the end never end up disappointed!

No matter the problem- family, finances, failing health- hold on.

A songwriter wrote:

Hold on just a little while longer

This heavy burden they will soon pass over

Run the race

Keep the faith

Your change will come

God puts faith into your heart and coming to Him, you have the hope that He will make a way in the midst of difficulties.

But there is an enemy of your faith whose job is to ensure that you do not see God’s enormous power, but your gargantuan problems. You just need to have strong faith, believing not in the problems, but in possibilities.

But without faith, it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11: 6

This clearly shows that what you believe and what you confess about God and your life will determine your level of success and achievements.

If you do not have faith, believe and confess, then you cannot please the One who will guarantee your having all your heart’s desires.

This is also where the words of your mouth play an important role. The devil is always feeding minds with negative thoughts and it is all too easy for you to be drowned or overwhelmed by those thoughts. If this happens to you then your profession of faith gradually fizzles out.

As you believe, you have to confess to make your faith complete.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:10

As you believe you have to say it out loud. Believe me, constant practice of confessing what you believe will give you added confidence and unwavering faith that what you are saying will come to pass.

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