Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Staying with God in the Midst of Corrupt Days

(Phil. 2:12-16) "Holding forth the Word of Life..."

We are about to celebrate our 75th anniversary as a Church.

That in itself is an amazing thing.

I am about to celebrate my 20th year of being the Pastor of FBC.

That also is an amazing thing.

Our Church motto (which you will see on almost all of our signs, cards, and letterhead):

"Holding Forth the Word of Life..."

What does that mean? Why is this our motto?

It means that for 75 years as a Church, and for 20 years as a Pastor we have been steadfastly presenting God’s Word to this world...

We have been rejected, mocked, cussed, and attacked; But we have stayed true to this Book...

While other Churches have compromised, and removed the name Baptist from their signs, and Loosened up their standards...

Faith Baptist Church has stayed with the same Book that Pastor Roseland used and preached in 1932.

We have kept the same name, some of the same people, and ALL of the same Lord.

It behooves us to remain true to that which our founder has established, and our for-fathers have died for.

It is our Duty and Obligation to continue the work they began. That until the end of the age, we will continually be...

Holding Forth the Word of Life

I. In the Midst of a Perverse Nation.

A. Perversion has become a protected style of life.

1. Not only accepted, but protected...

2. The Church has succumbed to the World’s perversion.

3. Most Churches have dropped their standards, and many like us have just stopped living them.

4. We are to be Holding Forth in the midst of a perverse nation...

> But many have stopped holding back, and have joined the world.

B. (1 John 2:7-17) "Love not the world..."

1. When the Bible uses the term "the world", it is not used to describe the earth.

> God is not talking about the trees, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

2. When God says, "Love not the world" He is referring to the world’s philosophy.

3. You cannot love god, and love the world:

> "If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him..."

4. You cannot be a friend of God, and a friend of the world:

> [Jas. 4] "Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God..."

C. How long halt ye between TWO opinions?

1. Elijah on Mount Carmel...

> "How long halt ye between two opinions...?"

2. Joshua and his house...

> "Choose ye this day... As for me and my house..."

3. Jesus: "I would that thou wert cold or hot..."

II. Some of God’s Men have Quit Holding Forth (2 Tim. 4:9-11).

A. Demas’ Devotion.

1. Demas was a fellow-laborer with Paul.

> He worked with Paul in the work of a missionary.

> Demas probably preached, witnessed, and was deeply involved in the work.

2. Demas was friend and helper to those in the church.

> He was a blessing to the work of God.


B. Demas’ Dissatisfaction.

1. He became disillusioned and dissatisfied.

2. I have seen this happen many times:

> I have watched men get excited about the things of God, and begin to preach, witness, and catch fire for God...

3. Only to see them fall away into this present world!

> One day they are on fire for God, and the next they are sold out to the world.

4. Paul said, "Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world."

C. Demas’ Departure.

1. "Demas has forsaken..."

> He left the work of God.

2. "Having loved this present world..."

> He left his first love!

3. "Has forsaken ME..."

> He left his friends and family.

> I have given all my life for this Church, and my kids...

> NOTHING would hurt me more than for one of these to turn to the world.

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