Summary: The book of Hebrews is all about Jesus!

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HEBREWS 10:1-19


-I learned a big fancy word a while back that I want to share with you. It’s the word “metanarrative.” Impress your friends at party

-The idea of the metanarrative is that there are overarching stories that people share in common…

-Big picture explanations that shape how we think about life and that most people can generally agree upon.

-But more recently the culture that we live in is being shaped by a postmodern philosophy.

-And one of the distinguishing characteristics of that philosophy is the rejection of all the metanarratives.

-In other words, there is no commonly accepted story about life…

who people are, where we came from, and why we’re here.

-People in our culture want to write their own story and define for themselves what the big picture is really all about.

-But Christians have a metanarrative; we have a story that shapes how we think about life. And our story starts in Genesis.

-Most of us know Gen 1:2, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

-That’s where the story of humanity begins….with God @ creation

-Most of us have heard about the Garden of Eden that he created, & we’ve heard about Adam and Eve; the 1st dysfunctional family!

-And we know about the fall; when sin entered the world.

-This is the story that Xians & our Jewish predecessors have told for 4000 years. The story hasn’t changed.

-This morning I want to frame our story for you in a different way. -I want us to consider our story through the lens of holiness.


-Before we existed God existed…and he existed in holiness.

-There has never been a defect in his character.

-There has never been a limit to his power.

-There has never been a flaw in his thinking.

-There has never been anything evil, malevolent, or dark in his motives or actions.

-He is absolutely and completely holy; our God is perfection.

-And his holiness is so pronounced that when Bible characters stood in the presence of God they…wilted.

-In God’s presence people are painfully aware of how completely imperfect and unholy they are.

-If our God is so holy, what kind of things does he create?


-That’s the second meaning of the term holy:

-So when God created the garden of Eden, it was holy.

-What’s a holy garden like? There wasn’t a weed in the place!

-There wasn’t a rotten tree, a sickly plant, and all the animals were perfect specimens. The river was filled with holy water!

-God put Adam and then Eve into the garden and they were holy.

-And the Bible says that our Holy God walked in that holy place, that he interacted with those holy people….personally.

-And everything in Eden reflected the holiness of God.

-But then something happened. You know the story.

-Adam & Eve sinned against God. They sinned against each other.

-They violated God’s command…and in doing so they defiled the holy place. They were unholy.

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