Summary: A service for Holy Saturday (easter weekend), looking a despair and Psalm 88 as Peter might have said it following his betrayal.

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Holy Saturday – March 30, 2002

Worship Set #1:

Intro Section:

• Welcome. Announcements (?). Offering (is this appropriate? Necessary for SDC and regular giving…)

• Place this service in the order of events of the Easter weekend.

• In some churches where there are services of some type every day, they observe this day by canceling those services! We have a unique opportunity tonight to try to imagine, to try to get a glimpse, of what Jesus’ disciples might have felt on this “in-between time,” the time before Jesus rose from the dead. We aren’t doing this to be morbid or depressing – not at all! In fact the opposite is true – we feel that in order to really celebrate Christ’s victory over death, in order to really understand the joy of the resurrection, we need to meditate on all the events of this weekend. We need to come to the cross, as we did yesterday, and see our Savior who died there for us. And we need to remember that the resurrection didn’t happen instantaneously – there was a space of time, when Jesus’ disciples were still around, no doubt confused, distraught, overwhelmed, not knowing what to think. And that is the moment we want to pause it tonight.

• Describe service – outline

• Pray

Worship Set #2:

Scripture: Matt. 27:62-66

Reflection: “Have you ever had a dream?”

Have you ever had a dream? Something you worked for, strived for, longed for, sacrificed for? Have you ever lost that? Had it slip away, get crushed, evaporate in front of you? Have you ever found yourself in a place where all you felt was disappointment, confusion, even anger?

The Bible doesn’t tell us anything about the disciples between the cross and the resurrection. We don’t know where they were that Sabbath day, what they did or what they thought. We can only imagine. We know they were not anticipating a resurrection – they were surprised by the empty tomb, puzzled, in fact even as they looked in on the empty tomb John records, “They still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.” (Jn 20:9).

What I found fascinating in Matthew’s Gospel is that while the disciples hadn’t caught the message of Jesus rising again from the dead, the chief priests and the Pharisees hadn’t missed it! They went running back to Pilate, asking to post a guard and make the tomb secure lest the disciples steal the body and claim some crazy resurrection.

We do know the disciples had a dream. They had seen Jesus do miraculous things, had walked with Him triumphantly towards Jerusalem shouting praise to God. Yet now He was dead. There hope was dashed. The enemies had won, Jesus was dead and so was the movement. They’d seen this kind of thing before. It always seemed like just when God started doing something, something else interfered and destroyed the momentum.

Scripture doesn’t fill in the rest of the details – we have to look to our imaginations for that. Let me share with you Walter Wangerin’s re-creation of those moments of despair, out of his imagination. (read section)

Worship Set #3:

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