Summary: Does every Christian have Eternal Security?

Holy Security

Some have wondered, after being entirely sanctified (living above willful sin), if this work of God in a person’s heart makes one eternally secure.

They come to the conclusion that they will never sin again so they will never be lost.

This is not true. There is no spiritual plain of grace from which a person may reach from which they may not fall.

Security in one’s spiritual life is a relative matter.

I am sitting on a chair as I speak to you. Unless I’m overcome with severe sickness or dizziness, my chances of falling out of this chair are slim.

However, if I now stand on the chair or better yet at the edge of the chair, I am more likely to fall – or to become less secure in this situation.

If the chair is placed on a table as I stand upon it, my security becomes more in jeopardy.

Let’s think even more preposterous. If I where to get a couple of ladders, one to climb to the roof and another to climb to the top of the steeple, and perch the table on top with the chair on top of it and then stand on them my security is dangerously insecure.

In regards to this example security is a relative thing depending on where and what we are doing at the time.

Our security is a relative matter.

There are two extremes that we find in regards to security.

There are those who argue for an unconditional security, no matter what they may do.

Then there are those who argue that it is not only possible but even likely that a believer may fall, which results in an “eternal insecurity”.

As you may plainly see, neither is sound teaching.

Truth, we can obviously see, is found in a middle of the road believe.

A believer should not ignore the possibility that the devil can target a believer with cunning devices resulting in a state of fallen grace.

Also, a believer need not live in a state of crippling fear concerning them unduly of falling from grace.

Sanctification verses Backsliding.

It is entirely possible for a person to live above willful sinning, which is entire sanctification.

However, a daily walk of the sanctified life must follow the event and experience of sanctification.

What happens when a person walking in sanctification ignores one of the promptings of the Holy Spirit?

There are three possibilities where they could go from here.

They may continue to further disobey. Such as, refusing to witness when the Lord prompted followed by a drying up of personal spiritual disciplines (like devotions and prayer), that could lead into a critical and gossiping spirit.

Second and more likely, one may settle into a state of lukewarmness, going through the motions of church, but not experiencing the joy and happiness of living a totally free life in Christ.

Thirdly, one may respond after realizing their failure of spiritual disobedience by repentance. Confess that you lost His power, and recommit your life to Jesus, receiving His cleansing and power again.

The sanctified life is maintained the same it is obtained – by consecration and faith in Jesus Christ.

This is a daily walk, and the sanctified life is maintained to the extent in ones continual daily consecration and sustained faith.

Sanctification verses Security.

Willful disobedience at any stage of growth must be considered a present danger, but on the other hand we must avoid becoming insecure of our sanctified life.

Security is relative to our obedience. A person who constantly lives in obedience to God is totally secure as they continue to walk in obedience.

The question is, will the person living the sanctified life be more likely to obey Christ?

The answer to this is Yes. The sanctified person can be said to be more secure but not unconditionally secure; but as long as one walks in obedience to Christ, there should be no fear of falling from grace.

God is not a bouncer at the door looking to bounce those who fail him out of His family.

Like a loving father, he tenderly encourages, corrects, and chastises his children.

When our lives head in the wrong direction, He nudges, rebukes, and sometimes delivers painful discipline in an attempt to awaken us and help to straighten us out.

At this point, if we despise our rebel his correction and walk out of His house in rebellion, then this is where we forfeit the grace that He so freely gives.

Entirely, the crux of the matter is am I obeying all known leading and promptings of the Lord?

If I am, then there is no need to worry about ones security.

If not, then one should worry about the level of their obedience, not their security.

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