Summary: Jesus predicts that He must return to heaven but He will give His disciples and the world the Holy Spirit παράκλητος.

Holy Spirit παράκλητος

“I assure you that it is better for you that I go away. If I don’t go away, the (παράκλητος) Companion won’t come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” John 16:7

Intro: When I was young and growing up in the country the woods was our back yard. We would make trails. Climb hills. Wade through creeks in the valleys. One thing most boys have probably done at some time or another is find an old rotten or dead tree and try to push it over. How many of you have ever done that or at least seen the same thing happen at some time or another?

I remember me and a friend were walking along when I tried to push this rotten looking tree loose. I pushed. I shoved. I pulled. I tugged. But try as hard I could for the life of me I could not get the dead tree to budge.

My friend who was with said, “You need to use all your strength.” I said, “I am using all my strength.”

To which my friend replied, “No you are not. You haven’t asked me to help.”

Together the two of us pushed our weight against the old decayed tree and sure enough over it went with a loud thunder of victory as it fell and hit the ground.

That’s a valuable lesson for us all. We struggle alone during the hard times. We try to do it our self, single-handedly, by yourself, without any help. How many difficult times in life have you not taken full advantage of your Holy Spirit Companion?

The Greek word used here “παράκλητος” means intercessor, to resolve a conflict, to solve a problem, to intercede to step in on someone else’s behalf. This same Holy Spirit is our Companion today.

The Holy Spirit will help change things you can’t change, and do things you can’t do by yourself. The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth. Like the “Serenity Prayer.” That means He will help to change the things you can change. But also guide us so that we can know the difference between something that can be changed and give us strength to know the difference between those things that cannot be changed.

Ephesians 3:16 NIV says “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, God’s favor is heavy on you.” Think about God’s “glorious riches.” God is still God. God is still omnipotent. He is immeasurable. He is the source of creation. He is the power of sustainability. He is able to give us courage and strength to go through whatever trials, difficulties, tribulations, troubles, and problems we find ourselves in.

Look a second at the words “God’s favor is heavy on you.” This is not talking about God placing heavy burdens and serious problem or weighty difficulties on our life. No, Matthew 11:30 “My yoke is easy my burden is light.” The word heavy means here that a person can be carrying around heavy burdens in life. But look again “God’s favor is heavy on you.” This is a promise to take the worries the world places on us and replace them with the love that only God can give. To take the aches and pains of this world and replace them with healing. To take the conflicts, and the bitterness, and the hatred and replace them with forgiveness and peace.

We need to be praying bold prayers. We need to believe in extraordinary things to happen. Know God is going to answer prayers for you. Today your problems---may be your health, sickness, your lack of or something you need. But we as Christians believe in good breaks, blessings, favor, and God’s glorious riches.

If you are waiting on the doctor to call about a medical report start praying that when the call comes the news is going to be good news because you are blessed. If you are having trouble financially go ahead and believe that God is going to provide you with a bonus. Shake off the doubt. Christians don’t live in discouragement, but instead because of the promise Jesus has made believe in a life of hope, faith, confidence, optimism and expectation.

Not having enough to get by. Just enough to live from pay check to pay check. Start believing in “glorious are the riches of our God and God’s favor is heavy on you.” Maybe it is time to believe big.

One day in Joshua 10 Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem, heard that Joshua had captured and completely destroyed Ai and killed its king, just as he had destroyed the town of Jericho and killed its king. He also learned that the Gibeonites had made peace with Israel and were now their allies. He and his people became very afraid. So King Adoni-zedek of Jerusalem sent messengers to several other kings: Hoham of Hebron, Piram of Jarmuth, Japhia of Lachish, and Debir of Eglon. The five kings and five armies made an alliance to destroy Gibeon.

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