The topic on the Holy Spirit cannot be exhausted.

The Holy Spirit is a member of the Trinity i.e. God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but for this moment, we shall be discussing on the third member of the Trinity, which is the Holy Spirit.

It should therefore be established that if anyone intents to tread or walk on the part of Christianity and wants to be successful, the next step to take after receiving Jesus Christ into his life as his Lord and Personal Saviour; is to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as Jesus did receive the Holy Spirit (Matt 3:16).

The Christian race started with Jesus Christ and for Him to have gone through baptism of the Holy Spirit, we all here and others must do.

As a matter of fact, during the rapture, He would perform some works:

1.) The Holy Spirit in the life of the believer received in (Rev 3:20) will hear the trumpet since you cannot hear it with your physical ears, but with your spiritual ears, else Tribulation i.e. the reign of the antichrist.

2.) The Holy Spirit will be our transport to heaven during rapture

3.) The human is composed of three parts, namely: the body, soul and the spirit. Those that had died in Christ, whose spirits had been with the Lord will return back with the Lord and will re-enter into their soul and body and will raise them up (1Thess. 4:16)

4.) Then, those that would be alive then will follow as new admittances (1Thess. 4:17)


1.) For now, because we are still alive and have received Jesus Christ into our lives, the door is still open for us to receive the Holy Spirit.

2.) The Holy Spirit will be our ticket and our transport

3.) Without the Holy Spirit, the (1Thess 4:16) will mean nothing

4.) You can’t be in Christ and say you do not have the Holy Spirit, because, even Christ complained in (Luke 6:46)

• In (Matt 6:33), He actually wanted us to really emphasize more on spiritual matters like asking and receiving of the Holy Spirit amongst other spiritual matters in (Luke 11:13), but, we only ask for material things using (Matt 7:7)

• An event took place in (Matt 25:1-13) (The oil is the Holy Spirit; those who have it will go with Him). Considering (Matt 25:8-9) and (Acts 8:17-22, Matt 12:31)

• Now, He is saying in (Rev 3:20). Now He is knocking, we refused opening for Him, a time will come when He will say what He said in (Matt 25:11-12), but I pray it won’t be to us in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

• But, there is still another chance (John 16:24)


1.) Acknowledgement and acceptance of Jesus as ones Lord and Saviour, but not as Saviour ONLY.

Please Note: Can you at any time remember when you gave your life to Jesus and not that you are just a Christian because you were born from or in a Christian home? If not, today, you must by your mouth confess and accept Christ (Rom 10:9).

2.) Since the Holy Spirit and Jesus cannot be separated (Matt 3:11), when a believer receives Christ, the Holy Spirit baptism can happen or take place in either of these three (3) different ways:

Remember, the baptism of the Holy Spirit needs your faith to allow the process go through.

Holy Spirit baptism can happen:

I. Immediately after the acceptance and confession of Jesus with the evidence of an unspeakable joy springing from within (Acts 10:38-(44)48) that is why some could speak in tongues even before they do water baptism.

II. Immediately after water baptism as it applied to Jesus in (Matt 3:16)

III. The third way is by directly ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit unto them since their level of faith could not achieve it at those previous times (Acts 8:12-17)

IV. The fourth and the uncommon way is for brethren praying for themselves to receive the Holy Spirit baptism, but praying as become a burden that is difficult to be lifted. WE NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!

3.) The desire must first move before being backed up by faith. When you receive or partake of the water baptism, He expects such hearts to be fully opened desiring Him in you (Rev 3:20).

4.) As most people just fleshly go down into the water and then come out, without genuine repentance. Such, will not experience the Holy Spirit’s power or manifestation after the baptism.

5.) It is with genuine acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Personal Saviour that will activate the Holy Spirit in Him into one’s life and then confidently we can say (1John 4:4) “the Him that is in you to be greater than he that is in the world”.

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