Summary: There is something just marvelous about homecomings. Homecomings can be defined as a time when a congregation reflects upon the works of God in the past while anticipating His continued blessing/favor in their future.

Homecoming 2012

Chester First Baptist Church


A There is something just marvelous about homecomings.

1 Homecomings can be defined as a time when a congregation reflects upon the works of God in the past while anticipating His continued blessing/favor in their future.

a Over the last two days I’ve heard the memories that seasoned saints have of this church.

aa Struggle to get a Baptist church in Chester, Revival where the old Grade school was. . .

bb Digging of the basement, sacrifice of so many of their time, resources.

cc Using a farm pond on County Farm road for baptisms, heating the basement with coal.

dd The eventual building of the sanctuary, all the colors of the old carpeting.

b Many of you have told stories of old school “dinner-on-the-grounds,” revivals, watermelon busts, fifth Sunday singings, and various Christmas musicals that took place here.

c Others may remember that this is the sanctuary where you received Christ, baptized, baptized with Holy Spirit, delivered.

d Married, saw your child married, or cried tears of loss as you celebrated a loved one home from this place.

2 This sanctuary is filled with great, cherished memories.

B This church has had a number of great days, it has also had its share of difficult days too.

1 Jewish proverb: “He that can’t endure the bad will not live to see the good.”

a As long as the church is made up people like me and you, there will be failings and hurt feelings.

b There has been times over the last 75 years that not all of its members succeeded in being the most Christlike in this place.

aa She has been divided at different times over various things.

bb She has seen people get upset, feelings hurt.

cc She has seen her fair share of discouragements, frustrations, power plays.

2 Although the people of God didn’t always behave with Christian love, God has been with us every step of the way.

C It has been said, “Reading with reflection is like eating without digesting,” I believe remembering deserves similar treatment.

1 If the memories we have collected in this sacred spot do not affect us in some way there is no use in bringing them back up.

a When we remember accepting Christ as this old alter . . . we out to be given risen to shout praises!

b When we remember the wise advice we were given from an old saint . . . we out to practice what was taught.

c When we remember something we said in anger or frustration, we need to let them old feeling go now.

2 One of the most touching homecomings in Scripture is the account of the prodigal son coming home to his welcoming father.

a Remember how the son took his inheritance, went into the world and squandered it.

aa Upon hitting rock bottom he remembered how good it was back in Father’s house; He decided it would better living as one of his daddy’s servants than continue to keep living the way He was living.

bb Remember the father running out to meet the son, had the servants prepare a beautiful homecoming meal to welcome his son home.

b Why would a daddy act so kindly to his son after his son treated him so wrongly?

aa Because the father’s love for him canceled out the wrong that was done to him.

bb Don’t you know that the son wishes he could back up the hands of time, go speak to that boy moments before he went to go ask for his inheritance up front and say, “Don’t even think about doing what your about to do.”

c Life is full of things we wished we could redo or take back.

3 Reminds me of the story of a woman who was about to walk out the door of a building & heard, “Don’t take the next step or you’ll regret it.” (Brick drops and cracks the sidewalk where she would have been standing had she went one more step.)

a Next day, about to cross the street, “Don’t take the next step or you’ll regret it.” Paused as a truck came racing by and smashed into a nearby car. (Had she not listened to the voice she would have been badly hurt if not killed)

b She looked behind her . . . no one nearby. “All right, who are you?”

aa I’m your guarding angel and I’ve been sent here to protect you from making fatal mistakes.”

bb Oh, if that’s the case where were you on my wedding day?

C Sometimes we have regrets over decisions we have made, things we have said.

1 I remember reading about a gaffe then vice-president Dan Quayle made after a tour of Latin America.

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