Summary: A series of messages on the ten commandments



Exodus 20: 12

* In her history, America has seen some dark days.

o December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor

o November 22, 1963 – Kennedy

o July 5, 1968 – R. Kennedy

o August 8, 1974 – Nixon

o September 11, 2001 – 9/11

* America has come through some difficult days with heads raised. While she is not necessarily proud of the struggles the people have been totally convinced the best days still lie ahead.

* However, the fifth commandment reveals a different kind of dark day for the USA. It is a sinister, subtle, and most importantly, a supernatural attack. This is a war, which if not won “handily” on the battlefield will be the war from which we shall never recover. It is an attack against the HOME & it is being waged from all sides.

o In recent years, we have had our congress to “vote” on Fed. Marriage Amendment. In our last presidential election, the Kerry-Edwards team constituted the most homosexual friendly presidential in history. In Sweden, a preacher was given month in prison for preaching against Homosexuality.

* In “aftermath” of 9/11, the President established cabinet level department and appointed Tom Ridge as its first director. It is designed to secure our nation and is called Homeland Security (HS).

* We are going to take a look at a Biblical approach to HS. “IF” we desire to have true security in our homeland, we must sure up the basic foundational block of society, the family.TEXT

* This command is to HONOR! The definition of honor is to respect,

* We have a serious problem today. The #1 universal rule of society and civility is “OBEDIENCE.” Lehman Strauss writes that this rule regulates it all, man, state, work, home, and play. It is at the core of society. If we lose it, we lose it all.

* The Close 2nd rule is Honor. Today the world is seemingly upside down. Why is this? Next Sunday morning, the message will be on the subject of “CO-dependency” or “selfish love”. One of the issues infected modern day families is this upside down, selfish love which seems to permeates our culture.

* Security, while desired is at a premium. We have more “systems, dead bolts, locks, etc” and yet no one feels secure. Why it this? I’ll submit that we have abandoned some the concept of honor.

1) PRINCIPLES OF HONOR–What are these principles?

a) Respect is all but gone. Sitcoms make millions “teaches disrespect.” Bart Simpson and a whole host of other shows teach us to be rude, crude, and lewd. But listen, respect is probably not “taught”, but “caught.” If parents don’t show respect, the kids won’t learn it and give it.

* This weekend, Wesley has returned from Marine boot camp. He has returned with a deep understanding of the term “respect.”

b) Reverence is another way of saying, “listen to.” Were Jesus to come and speak to you, would you listen? According to the Bible, Parents are reps of Christ. Do you remember Joseph with his dad in Gen 48? The reverence and respect He showed Jacob? The writer of proverbs tells us:

* Proverbs 23:22 Listen to your father who gave you life, and don’t despise your mother when she is old.

* Even Jesus listened to His mom at the wedding. It as much about “attitude” as it is about “action.”

c) Riches this shows us we have an “upside down” society. We believe that life is all about “youthfulness”. In fact, one of the issues you’ll hear me say next Sunday morning is this; in the late 70’s and early 80’s the family became totally child oriented. The children called and still call the shots. Candidly, this has created a sick society. The Bible has an entirely different picture of life and the family.

* The Bible places emphasis on the parents, the elders, those who have experienced the hurt, heartaches, and the disappointments of life. They have also seen the mountaintop and it is their wisdom which keeps the family and society on track. The riches are found in honoring parents and elders. This is God’s plan. So is it all the problem of young people?

* Negative. When I see the examples of Seniors in the Bible, I know that the Parents and the Senior Adults must set the pace. Caleb said, I’m 80 years old, but let’s go. That’s riches.

2) PRACTICE OF HONOR – I know the student will not like the words which I am about to use.

a) Obedience - This is the #1 law and is God’s word. Two times scripture speaks to Children and says the same thing both times. By the way, this is the first command with a promise. You obey, then you live long (and prosper – Star trek)

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