Summary: My sermon shows that God is able to speak life in the midst of any dead situation in your life.

This prophecy refers to the entire nation of Israel during the babylonian captivity of Judah. The nation had fallen to the Assyrians and many were carried into Captivity.

As a result of the captivity, the Jews were in a dead place in their lives.

The dry bones symbolically represented the utter state of defeat, there were no signs of life. Their breath and hope was gone

Many are experiencing dead places in their lives: weather spiritual, emotional, situational or mental. We feel dead on the inside, meaning all of our hope is gone.

When we receive hurt after hurt and dissappointment after disappointment, it can place us in a valley of dry bones condition.

God’s desire is that our trials make us strong, but often before the strength comes we find ourselves in the valley of despair.

When we are in the valley, we look to the right and see hills, we look to the left and see mountains, meaning problems are all around. When we are in the valley, we find ourselves in one of the lowest conditions in our life.

For some, your child may be on drugs, or in jail. The flame in Your marriage may have gone out and you see trouble in he midst. Your finances may have you down. It looks like your family has fallen apart. You come to the church, only to find dissappointment. Some youth have made wrong choices and you life has taken a turn in the wrong direction and your dreams has been lost. I stop by to tell you that there is hope in the midst of your dead place.

When Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones, the NLT tells us. The first thing God told him to prophesy, was to hear the word of the Lord. Then he told him to say to them, I am going to put breath into you and make you live again. I will put flesh and muscles on you and cover you with skin.

No matter how desperate your situation is, no matter what it looks like. God is able to speak the word of life and hope in the midst of your dead place. In your marriage, the flames can be rekindled, the life of that child can turn around. Put the word of God in your spirit; hear the word of the Lord as spoken by the prophet Ezekiel.

There is hope. Today, Jesus is still alive. He is the same, as always. Their is no mountain too high, and no valley too low. No matter how big the problem is. Our God is larger.

Hear the word. Do you hear the rattling, Can you see in the Sprit realm, the bones coming togeter? Can you believe that God is giving you strength?

He is breathing his Spirit in the midst of your dead place.

No matter what it is, Give it to him, he can do what no man can. It is impossible with man but with God, all things are possible.

Allow him to come in and receive life to the midst of your dead place.

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