Summary: Freedom in Christ means we can break free from despair and live in boundless hope.

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Good morning everyone…it’s good to be with you here…today we will be diving into part two of our series called free, last week we talked about loving first, not judging first…and this week we are going to talk about living with hope…because sometimes…living life as a Christian…things can feel kinda hopeless…and it should never be that know living with that feeling is no fun at all…and what I mean by that is this…sometimes we can get down on ourselves because we keep messing up… and it's frustrating...and usually when we keep messing is in the same areas over and over again…the problem is we know what we are supposed to do, but we just can’t seem to do…and it seems…hopeless…in fact the dictionary definition of hopeless is, “ “not able to learn or act, perform, or work as desired””…An example would be like as an ice skater, Ken is hopeless…and I am…in seminary before I met Michelle I went on this group date where we went ice skating…and why I thought I would be able to take my body, and stick two thin slices of metal on my feet, and then run around on ice, would be successful and impress the ladies in that group…I will never know…let’s just say the whole the bigger they are, the harder they fall…is very true…I got going pretty fast because I wasn’t afraid cause I hadn’t fallen…and then suddenly my skates just slipped out from under me and I instantly fell backwards and landed on my back and head and slammed into the side wall…the employee who was watching the rink skated over to me and had his cell phone out and was ready to call 911 and he asked if I needed help…I just looked up at him and said, “Where were you when I was putting these things on and thought this was a good idea!”…I learned though because Michelle and I never went ice skating while we were dating…

Honestly you know, you and I don’t need someone to get up here on Sunday morning and say, “Don’t Lie!” or “Don’t Steal!” or “Don’t Judge First”…that sounds familiar…no one sitting here today is going to be like this changes everything…If only I’d known…don’t lie…I’ve never heard that before…I’m gonna go home never lie steal or judge first ever again…game, set, match…If it worked that way…that would be awesome…but we all know it doesn’t work that way…we all know we have a problem and it is a fight to try to do what is right..that sometimes that fight…to do what is right…can feel hopeless…that is why the Christian bookstore is filled with life coaching type books on how to overcome this problem…

The truth is…we probably don’t need more advice books…we don’t need someone to hit us upside the head with the side of a Bible and yell, “Stop doing whatever it is you know you shouldn’t be doing!” What we need is to understand why we struggle, why we have to fight ourselves to do what is right, and we need to understand how we can win in this fight…so we don’t go through life, feeling hopeless…because that isn’t what Jesus wants for you at all…in John 10:10 he told his disciples, “I have come that they (you) may have life, and have it abundantly.”

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