Summary: This sermon will inspire you to never give up hope when there is somthing worth waiting on. Its based on the Prodigal Son & his father.

Hope When There’s Hurt

Luke 15: 11-24

Three points we will explore this morning in the lesson of the Prodigal Son.

1- Rebellion

2- Regret

3- Return

1- Rebel---V-12 said the younger son said to his dad, give me my share of the estate.

Our society today has not changed, we want more than we deserve. Children are turning away from their parents just as parents are turning away from parenting.

A society of soft, week and not willing to compromise..

We live in a time where we teach that you can have things your way. Pull up to a drive through & have your hamburger your way. Buy any thing you want and get it your way. You can redesign your cloths, car, house even your body your way. If you don’t like your nose, get it your way, if you don’t like your what ever, get it reshaped, tucked, turned or taken off.

Growing into a people who gets what you want when you want it has its faults. Its has escalated our desire for the world. We become selfish, self dependant and un willing to accept any thing less.

This son gives this example. He had lost his interest at home. He was not happy living the life style his father was teaching. Un willing to accept discipline and rebelled from what he had.

Go to any court room across this country & listen to court case after court of the men, women and kids who have ended up in a land where this prodigal son landed.

Families fighting with one another for the rights to property, husbands and wives fighting for custody of the home they built, vehicles they purchased, land they bought. There are more arguments over possessions than children.

The family has separated its self from God. We have loosened our yoke from God. He said man should leave his mother and father and unite with his wife and the two shall become one flesh. The world has intervened in this principle set by God & placed the green grass on the other side syndrome.

This prodigal son saw green pasture in a distance. He rebelled from a father who loved him. His father loved him from the deepest parts, he gave his son what he asked. The son failed to see this when his father did not resent his asking of his share.

We rebel when we don’t have what we want when we want it. There is a price to pay. It may come sooner or it may come later.

2 - Regret--- V 17 says, When he came to his senses

I know there are a lot of parents out there right now who is praying those same words, when they come to their senses, they will realize that I have not a banded them, I do love them.

For some it takes falling to the bottom of the barrel before they come to their senses. You think that when they are living on the streets, a life without a job, no money in their wallet, no food on their table, no one to wake up and hear the voice say I love you, no sounds of the kids playing in the yard, no sounds of pots and pans rattling in the kitchen that they would come to their senses.

You see there is something to all those noises of the home. This prodigal son lost his senses when he left and did not here the morning conversation setting at the breakfast table, dinner table or supper table. He was missing the sounds of his mothers voice when she would sing those hymns standing at the kitchen sink. The voice of big brother when he would ask to go out and throw the ball, or lets go down to the creek.

Mothers and fathers today are missing and regretting not hearing those kids in the living room on Saturday morning as they watch bugs bunny and road runner. The sounds of a lawn mower, a weed eater or a hammer outside of the home are things you need to hear as a family. The prodigal son lost his senses when he could not hear these sounds any more.

He went to the world, to Holly Wood, where all he could hear was the horns of a taxi cab, the music of the dance hall, the ringing of bells at the casino & the voices of the strip clubs directing him into the pits of hell. The world took is money and left him lying in the streets to die. He would have ended up at the morgue with a tag hanging off his big toe (John Doe). Satan is after to you for destruction.

He’s in the world to kill still and destroy.

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