Summary: we shall continue our survey of Hosea by noticing God’s indictment of Israel for her sins, chapters 4-7...]

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Hosea - God’s Redeeming Love (4:1-7:16)


1. In our previous lesson we began our survey of the book of Hosea...

a. Noting that Hosea was a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel

b. Whose work began as Amos’ was ending, and prophesied from 750-725


2. The key to understanding the book is the analogy illustrated in the

first three chapters...

a. In which Hosea and his wife Gomer illustrates God’s experience

with Israel

b. Which served as an object lesson to express "God’s Redeeming

Love" for His people

3. We therefore saw in the first three chapters...

a. Israel’s rejection symbolized, in the names of Hosea and Gomer’s

children - Hos 1:2-9

b. Israel’s restoration foretold - Hos 1:10-2:1

c. Israel’s unfaithfulness described, depicted as a wife guilty of

harlotry - Hos 2:2-13

d. Israel’s restoration described, cured of her idolatry - Hos 2:


e. Israel’s restoration symbolized, depicted as a harlot taken back

to be a wife - Hos 3:1-5

4. The rest of the book contains the messages of Hosea, proclaimed with

this analogy in the background; there is...

a. God’s indictment of Israel and her sins - Hos 4:1-7:16

b. God’s warning of punishment that is to befall her - Hos 8:1-10:15

c. God’s promise of a future restoration - Hos 11:1-14:9

[In this lesson, we shall continue our survey of Hosea by noticing

God’s indictment of Israel for her sins, chapters 4-7...]



1. Against the nation as a whole - Hos 4:1-3

a. For no truth, mercy, or knowledge of God is in the land

b. All forms of wickedness are rampant

2. Against the priests in particular - Hos 4:4-14

a. It does no good to contend with the people, for people do

not respect their priests

b. The priests themselves have rejected knowledge, which is to

their destruction

c. The priests feed off the sins of the people, increasing

their own spiritual adultery

3. A word of warning to Judah in the south - Hos 4:15-19

a. Judah, don’t be like Israel!

b. Judah, leave Ephraim (Israel) to her idols!

4. Against the priests, rulers, and people - Hos 5:1-7

a. They have been a snare, not a help

b. Their idolatry has led Israel to stumble, even Judah as


d. God has withdrawn Himself from them

5. The impending sentence - Hos 5:8-15

a. Ephraim (Israel) shall be laid waste, and Judah shall not

escape either

b. Like a lion, God will come upon them and tear them away

c. This God will do until they confess their sin and

diligently seek Him


1. The call to repentance - Hos 6:1-3

a. Some believe these three verses are Hosea’s desperate plea

to Israel to repent

b. Others think that these are the words of Israel, but was

not sincere

-- In either case, verse four reveals the shallowness of

Israel’s faithfulness

2. Rejected because of Israel’s true condition - Hos 6:4-7:16

a. Faithfulness was only temporary, like the morning cloud or

early dew

b. They offered sacrifices, but did not show mercy or truly

know God

c. They transgressed the covenant, and became defiled, even

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