Summary: The Temple was to be a House of Prayer and God’s Temple today is the Christian Church and the Christian Believer!

Let’s continue our worship of our Lord Jesus Christ by learning from Him through His Word. Please open your Bibles to Luke 19….

Read along with me v45-48…

This is a simple story but important enough that God describes it in all the Gospels. Let us take a look at the other Gospels regarding this event.

Matthew 21:12-13…..

Mark 11:15-18…..

John 2:13-17……

To better understand the passage, let us note a few things.

Jesus went to Jerusalem and entered the Temple. What is this Temple?

Today, there is a remnant of the Temple in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The only thing left today of the Temple is the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) – show picture. The Temple Jesus entered into is real! You can go today to Israel and touch a part of this Temple! The Bible is factual history, not man-made stories!

What happened to the Temple? As predicted by Jesus Christ, the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in the Year 70AD (show picture).

What did the Temple look like? The Temple during Jesus’ time looked like the original Temple built by King Solomon as instructed by God in the Book of 1 Kings. That original Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587BC.

The Temple which Jesus entered was rebuilt in 516BC under the direction of Nehemiah and other prophets of God. It was also called Herod's Temple because King Herod repaired and modified the rebuilt Temple.

What’s was the purpose of the Temple? God in the Old Testament required animal sacrifices for the sins of His people. This is why we read about animals near the Temple! The animals were needed for the sacrifices required by God for the cleansing of sins. The Temple was where the animal sacrifices were done.

The Temple was built as the place for sinful man to connect with God before the death of Jesus Christ. As we will note in the future, the curtain in the Temple which separated God from sinful man miraculously tore in half when Jesus died; indicating that there was no longer a need for the Temple to connect with God. Isn’t that incredible? How can man just come up with these stories in the Bible? The Bible is true because it is God’s Word and it all makes sense!

Jesus called the Temple “My House”, why? Let us note that in the Gospel of John, Jesus called the Temple as “My Father’s House”! In other words, Jesus was saying Him and God the Father are One!

Jesus found people “selling” in the Temple Courts. The Temple was divided into specific areas of use. The Temple Courts (show picture) surrounded the Holy Places in the Temple.

What were they selling in the Temple Courts? As noted in the passages, animals were sold in the Temple Courts. And why were there “money changers” there? The old Jewish religion required animal sacrifices and so animals were sold and many made a business out of it! You see, people were making a profit out of religion! Again, this is why Jesus got angry and said in John 2:16 “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!”

Jesus said, the Temple is to be a House of Prayer not a market! What is prayer? In general, prayer is connecting with God and again, that was the purpose of the Temple!

And we note in v47 that Jesus taught every day at the temple. You see, connecting with God (prayer) is not just talking and making offerings to God, but also being taught by God!

But there were people who hated Jesus! Why? – because Jesus was changing things for truths not dishonesty.

But the people who hated Jesus could not kill Him, why??

When people hang on to Jesus’ words, there is no way to kill Him!

Let us note three major Biblical Principles for us from this passage:

1. Making “selfish” profit and connecting with God cannot mix!

We must always be careful of making money for ourselves because of God and His church!

One example of this is when my family, several years ago, became members of one particular church, we received a call from an insurance salesperson. Be warned of using the church for selfish gains. Be careful how you use church directories!

Making “selfish” profit and connecting with God cannot mix! This does not mean that you should not bring your business or your job to the Lord. The work we do of course is always to be for the glory of Jesus Christ!

2. God’s Temple is for connecting with God, not for selfish profits.

The Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed as predicted and ordained by Jesus Christ. What is God’s Temple today because of Jesus Christ??

God’s Temple today is the Christian Church and the Christian Believer!

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