Summary: Are our churches today humdrum arefired up.


Matt:16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

A go -getter church must have a workable program, and must present humanity with that program.

(1)A go -getter church must know where its going

A. While the Gospel never changes , programs do.

B. Church must know what its doing .

C. We must know what we are here for.

D. Approaches and methods must change.

(2) A go -getter Church must be largely a young peoples church

A. Needs a place for every boy and girl.

B. They bring “pep” to the church.

C. They bring Enthusiasm and sunshine to every one.

D. They bring a vision of Faith to help us see where we need to be .

E. Young people can restart the fires that have gone out.

F No young then they can nurse the ashes of desolation.

(3) A go - getter church must be Inspirational church.

A. People are not looking for humdrum services.

B. People aren’t looking “juiceless” “lifeless” services.

C. People are looking for fire and spirit filled service .

D. People have said I don’t go to church its seems to be so dry and sad.

(4) The go- getter church must have a vision.

A. A world without Christ is lost.

B. We must see the condition of the world.

C. We must see the vision that Christ saw a need to be Saved.

D. Show people that Christ has saved us to help them.

E. A vision of growth ,a vision of up keep , a vision of beauty.

(5) The go -getter church must be a BIBLE reading church.

A. Must be a Bible fed Christians .

B. Must live by the word.

C. Must teach from the word.

D. By every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.

(6) The go-getter church must be a Praying church

A. Must Pray for each other.

B. Must pray for their Pastor ,Teachers and lost.

C. Our community leaders ,National leaders Lost people.

D. For a Church full of Gods Love.

(7) The go-getter church must be a soul saving station.

A. This makes us a church of the Bride of Christ.

B. This shows we are a new convenient church.

C. A born again God loving church.

D .A God fearing church.

E. A true believing Church

One soul Saved means more to our city than a new factory are a new business.

To be a go getter church we must tell people what we are all about JESUS CHRIST.

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