Summary: Understand that in order to stand firm, you first have to have a strong foundation.

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There is a distinction between the two foundations that Jesus tells us about in Matthew 7: 24-29, by which he used a parable describing that there is only one way to get to heaven. It’s funny to me to also note that a similar story that we are all aware of tells the same story; The Three little pigs.

Each had there own idea of how to build their house but, only one followed the instructions, blueprints to live a secure and guilt-free life. Matthew 7:13, "Jesus explains that there is a way that seemeth right to a man but, the end therof is destruction."

From the 3 little pigs we can learn something from them in there efforts to get out from under momma’s wings and create a life of there own.

1. The first pig was hastey; built quickly with-out regard for himself or his friends. He’s the kind of christian who has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof. He’s the kind of christian that’s not all the way commited to following Christ. I look okay on the outside, he speaks about Jesus to others, but fails to follow thru living what he preaches.

2. The second little pig was a prideful; He’s like the Christian that Jesus identify’s with the pharisee and publican. He’s thanking God that his house doesn’t look like the 1st pigs house, and because he can’t see beyond himself, he too lacks in developing a secure haven for he and his family to live in.

Too, often we take on the attitude, that if it looks good, everything’s okay. Not true! Too often viewing life this way can develop a false assurance that everyone around me that calls themselves a Christian are going to heaven. True!

3. The last pig was a thorough pig; it took him a little longer to build his house, but, with accuracy, discpiline, and precision it was completed. Now, not only could he and his family survive the storms that came there way, but even his brothers that both built out of haste can come and take refuge upon the foundation that he built.

Joseph, had a dream and was despised and ridiculed by his brothers. Although, they mistreated him and abused him, the story ends where his brothers take strength and help from him. As he would tell the, "what the enemy meant for evil, God used for His good."

Take note how you are building. Are you following the blueprints for your life? Do you have a strong foundation? As sure as you are bulding your house, God is building His in side of you.

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