3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: The real question is not if, when, or by what means will you die? It is "HOW WILL YOU DIE?"

From the Desk of Pastor Toby Powers

Truth Baptist Church

Hwy 78

Bremen, GA

How Are You Going To Die?

Revelation 6:8

Intro: There is one thing in life that is certain beyond any other, and that is death. Life is unsure, but death is certain. Just as sure as you have lived, you will die (Heb 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”). You can not schedule, postpone, or escape this event. You will die. Death does not come to people by accident, but by providence. You will die. When it comes to dying:

1. There are no favorites involved: Every man will face death. Young, Old. Big, Small. Rich, Poor.

2. There is no famine in the land: Every community may not have the nicest restaurants or department stores, but every community has a graveyard and a funeral home.

3. There is no future hope to impact your life here: Nothing you can do after death will change what you did when you were alive. As the tree falleth, so shall it be (Ecclesiastes 11:3). No priest, no church, no preacher, no candle light service can change the destination of eternity for your soul. When you die IT’S FIXED! Death will seal what you were in life for all eternity.

The Question for us to consider today is not if you will die, or even when you will die, but it is HOW WILL YOU DIE? Many methods of death were described as being in the hands of the rider of the pale horse. But regardless of what method one died through, they would all be just as dead! The great question is How Are You Going To Die. Not by what method, but HOW! Many will mirror the images of death that we find in the scriptures:

1. Die Like Isaac With Their Home In Turmoil: Gen 27, There was favoritism in the home between Mom and Dad, Between the two Brothers. Dad was dying and was ready to give the inheritance of all he had to his eldest son Esau, but Mom made a plan to deceive him. Rebekah saw to it that the blessing was rather given to Jacob through deception, and as far as we can find in the Bible Isaac died with his home in division and chaos.

2. Die Like The Rich Man With Their Riches Rendered Trivial: Luke 16, when the rich man died, he was buried. All that great wealth that he faired sumptuously in everyday was left behind, and he opened his eyes in hell! He had five brothers on their way to hell, but all the money he left them in inheritance would do nothing to stop them from going the same path he went!

3. Die Like The Hard Working Fool With Their Labor Thrown Away: Luke 12, the hard working farmer said that he knew what he would do. He would reinvest, Build Bigger barns, and eat drink and be merry. He thought that he had worked hard enough and long enough to be secure from now on, but that night death made a visit to his house, and he died a hard working fool. In all his preparations for the future, he failed to plan for how he was going to die! Don’t be a fool! Plan for retirement, old age, a rainy day, but don’t fail to make the most important plans that you ever could- plan for eternity!

4. Die Like The Man of God Moses With The Lord By His Side: Duet 34, Moses is on the mountaintop with God just after he has sang a song, preached a sermon, and shouted to God with joy. Now he’s about to die. He will die just like all the others, but when the rider of the pale horse clutches the icey fingers of eternity around his neck to take his last breath from his body, there is no fear or bitterness, for he is not alone. As a matter of fact, God even buried him. The people of God mourned for his loss for thirty days, but Moses gives us all hope that we will see him again. He even stopped one day to talk to Jesus on the Mountain of Transfiguration. He died with the Lord by his side. He left with a sermon (Deut. 31), a song (Deut. 32), and a shout (Deut. 33). In chapter 34, he died and God buried him.

The question to you this day is not if, or when, or by what method, but HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DIE? Are you prepared to meet your God?

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