Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When we hear bad news piled on, we ask, “How bad can this get?”

Romans 3:9-20

When we hear bad news piled on, we ask, “How bad can this get?” We have hammered at sin. There is no relief this week. It is not my purpose to give you false hope, or build self-esteem.

1) “All are under sin.” V.9

• The Bible makes no exceptions, everyone is a sinner. You may think, “Then I’m no worse than anyone else.” But you’re not being measured against everyone else. Sin is progressive, by degrees.

• God does not grade on the curve. God’s standard is absolute, & is absolutely demanding. You sin because you are a sinner, you are not a sinner because you sin. You are under sin’s domain, control.

• God has given us rules to guide our lives & make us happy. We defied God, believing Satan’s lie “Has God truly said…?”

2) You have a sinful nature. V. 10-12

• Unrighteous in thought, word, & acts. Your thoughts are sinful; you would be ashamed if people knew what you truly think.

• Ignorant & indifferent. God has looked for any that understand (Ps 14:2) but found none, Micah 4:12. Demosthenes. But you’ve heard this so much that you no longer care. You say, “So what?”

• Crooked, useless. You’ve shunned God, & gone your own way. You’re like sour milk, useless; in a string of sin from bad to worse.

3) You have a sinful tongue. V.13-14

• Your tongue is foul & corrupt. Listen to what you say about others. Have you ever said something you immediately regret?

• Your words are deceitful, telling just enough of the truth to be accepted, but avoiding the whole truth which would condemn you.

• Cursing & bitter, your words reflect your true inner self. You curse without authority to curse. You whine & complain about the least things, people don’t like your personality for this.

4) You commit sinful acts. V.15-18

• You may not have murdered anyone, but you sure wanted to. Instead, you slander & libel them, murdering their reputation.

• You are oppressive. No one likes being around you because you are overbearing & domineering, harsh & unfair to others.

5) Being religious is no help. V.19-20

• The Law speaks to all, it stops all boasting, it makes all guilty.

• It justifies no one; instead the Law shows that all are guilty.

• All are guilty before God. Only the grace of God offers forgiveness & salvation to you. You do not deserve it, you cannot earn it. You’re too mean & ornery to save yourself. Call on the Lord. Repent & confess your sin. Please come to the Lord while it is "Today."

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