Summary: Understand the undescribable ways God has moved in our lives. Seeing what caused us to miss the mark which lead to our promised blessing. Know that "God is a man that he should lie."

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How Big Is God

(Gen 18:1-9, 10-14)

"Is any thing too hard for the Lord...


I want you to focus on the title, "How Big Is God".

Here is Abraham in the plains of Mamre (grove of Oak Trees) in his tent and receives three visitors, one being our Lord God. Immediately he humbles himself and sees to their need of sustenance. Now he has an opportunity of a lifetime. We know God speaks to us and shows us many things to come in time through Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. But there is nothing like being in the presence of the very power that created the heavens and the earth. The very air that we breathe. Created in his image and likeness from the follicle on your head to the flesh covering from head to toe. He got off his throne to take time out to be with his child, his servant, his very seed. God is so BIG that he can come down from his throne, have dinner with you and still remain powerful in the spiritual realm. To have an audience with the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords would be compared to sitting down with the President of the United States today. But lets not be distracted by his presence. As grand as it is, we have to know that when God shows up, he's about to Show Out.

So at the end of the meal where they have ate and feet washed, he asks Abraham a simple question.

(v9)"Where is Sarah thy wife? - Behold (look), in the tent. And he said, I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life; and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son. And Sarah heard it in the tent door, which was behind him. Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women (barren womb). Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure my lord being old also?"

By her laugh, she just kick started the process of what Gods intentions were in the first place.

Q: Why did Sarah laugh?

A: (v 11-12) In its' first read, it was because she doubted. A little deeper we know it was because the natural season for both her & Abraham to give a seed and carry that seed had passed. But more significant her belief and trust in God was not in her heart and on her tongue regarding what God said. But how many know that it isn't over until God says so. His seasons do not end. God works in a supernatural realm before anything is revealed to our eyes? If the same God that made righteous a spiritual seed given to a virgin girl who could have been cast away by her fiance (who is not the father) who then adopts that child into a lineage of Kings, why would you stand in the door way of the house and doubt the very God that is before you?

Num 23:19..."God is not a man that he should lie"

We can be so non-spiritual at times that we fail to actually see what blessing is coming our way. Stop leaning on the understanding of man.

Matt 6:33 "See ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you.

He is Jehovah Elyon (Most High)

He is El Shaddai (Almighty God)

That laugh inside of you has now turned out to be the very thing of her hearts desire.

He has the ability to manifest his word at any time in our life. So many times have you felt defeated, and all of sudden heres comes that one word we have been waiting for and when it finally arrives we squander it. Due to being barren, Sarah gave Hagar over to Abraham. She focused on a temporary situation and made a permanent decision. Doubt makes us to do things we should do and leads us to be a placed we shouldn't be lead. If you wait, he will provide.

We serve a God that never disappoints; he always produces.

We know that acronym of B.I.G (Believe In God), but today we need to change it up.


We are Blessed

In an Indescribably

Great Way

Isa 55:9 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

No matter what we think can't be done. God makes it happen. Just like the children of Israel in the wilderness. Mannah provided that rejuvenated the spirits of the remnant children. He deals with the impossible. It makes him stand on his throne and take action.

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