Summary: We can measure the size of the God we trust by comparing Him to the situations around us which takes great faith.

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(How Big is Your God?)

Acts 16:22-34

Paul and Silas are in jail for preaching the Gospel. Very few of us have ever been incarcerated for preaching so it is hard to say what we would do if we were one of these two men. We can learn from them that the bigger your God, the bigger the tasks you will be able to accomplish. I know we all feel as if our God is awesome and great but there are three indicators we use to evaluate just how big He really is. Realize this as we begin; God does not change and He is not confined to any size or shape. We are the ones who limit Him and the more we do, the smaller He becomes. If God gets too small, He is not large enough to handle the tasks set before us.

The criteria: The size of your God is determined by the…

I. Size of your Praise when Trials come. (22-25)

A. What is your first response to trouble?

a. Evaluate why it is there in the first place.

i. Chastisement from God or Opposition from the enemy?

b. Do just pray for it to leave. Praise God for who He is!

c. We all seem to think we have to have something to praise God about and we do. He is God.

B. If you can and do praise God continually, regardless of circumstances or surroundings then your God is big enough for any task.

II. Size of your Pride when the Upper-hand comes. (26-28)

A. Don’t you fee good when the tables turn on your enemies?

B. Don’t you wish you could be God for a day and deal with those who deal wrongly with you? (Call fire from heaven)

C. When you feel as if your enemies have been delivered over to you it is precisely at that time that they should become your friend.

D. If you love and reach out to your enemies when they are down then your God is big enough for any task.

III. Size of your Productivity when the Opportunity comes. (29-34)

A. How well do we minister, witness, or serve?

1. Those in need.

2. Those struggling with commitment.

3. Those who are weak and vulnerable.

B. Even when we feel the same way!

C. If you are positively making an impact in the lives of others, and they are experiencing a changed life, then your God is big enough for any task.

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