Summary: This sermon looks at how we can be sure we’re saved. It touches on God’s grace and the plan of salvation.

How Can I be Sure I’m Saved?

Dear God question

Watchman Nee- story of new convert

How do I know for sure I’m saved?

Postmodern Mindset

Philosophy based on feelings

Advertising to relationships

I don’t “feel” in love anymore

Situational ethics

Not on the Bible, but on whatever “feels” right

Emotions change- up and down

Impact on Christians?

Some days we don’t “feel” like Christians

God, are You there? I can’t “feel” You.

I must not be a Christian anymore


Manager & Sales Rep

Bible- we see a list of do’s and don’ts

We “feel” like we have to be perfect

As a father, mother, child, etc.

List do’s and don’ts

Isn’t that what we see?

Don’t mess up, you’ll get kicked out of the club

Eph. 2:9

We’re saved, but not by works

We’re harder on us that God is

He’s not waiting for you to fail

He’s not waiting to yank salvation away from you

We don’t jump in and out of salvation

So what is it that saves us? (Saved by Grace)

John 8- Adulterous woman

What would you call that? (v. 10, 11)

It’s called grace

And you’re saved by it

Eph. 2:8

Where do you find this grace? Ro. 8:1

How do you get in Christ? Plan of Salvation

So what?

How can I be sure?

2 Co. 12:9

When you are weakest, He is strongest

His grace is sufficient

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