3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This message focuses on the places the Greek word "homothumadon" (meaning: "in one accord") is used in the book of Acts. What can we learn from their unity? This message points to 7 ways we can maintain our unity.

How can we maintain that unity?

- I want to do more than diagnose the problem, I want to talk about what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to us.

- I got to thinking about the unity that the early church enjoyed and how we can have that.

- There is a Greek word - “homothumadon” - that pretty much only shows up in the book of Acts (11 of 12 NT uses). It means “with one mind, unanimous, in one accord.” I want to briefly look at what the early church was doing that kept their unity. (We’re just going to handle it briefly; I may come back and unpack this some other time.)

Maintaining The Unity Of The Church:

1. Acts 1:14 - It all starts with PRAYER.

2. Acts 2:46 - Stay focused on the PURPOSES.

3. Acts 4:24 - Be quick to lift up PRAISE.

4. Acts 5:12 - Be channels of God’s POWER.

5. Acts 8:4-6 - Boldly PREACH the Word.

6. Acts 15:25 - Maintain biblical PEACE.

7. Acts 19:29 (and 7:57 and 18:12) - Don’t be surprised by PERSECUTION.

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