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Summary: The Bible speaks us on how to deal divisions in life.

Amor Dee

Text: James 4:1-12

Sermon Structure: Problematical

Subject: Division

Theme: How can we overcome the problem of divisions?


Greetings… Text… Title… Prayer…

To all of us who were here this morning, how many times do we ever feel like we’re all alone? Relationships always have problem, and sometimes we feel that God seem so distant? (DIVISIONS) If you feel like this Brethren, listen to this message for you to understand and overcome the division in life.

I – The need of dealing for the problem of division

In dealing with the problem of division we need to take note this following…

A. The Difficulty of Division

Division brings people into a state of splitting up relationship with one another. Brethren many churches today experienced this division, not only a division of church but also a division of belief and idea that leads to the division with one another. This kind of problem brings the situation by coming apart of the relation with one another.

B. The Symptoms

One of the indications of division is mark with getting individuality, or not communicating with one another. As Christian we need to be aware always because if ever we can see someone in our church want to get alone and don’t want to communicate with us or with his co-believer he/she may had a problem that might brings division. And may be not all this, but this might be the possible things happen.

C. The causes

Division is caused by disagreement, overconfidence to self idea, and having the different or wrong reports. Most of the time divisions were made because of disagreement. I remember the church in Tickwas where I was came from, one of the member there Mr. Fuerzas offered to our pastor to have a small business with him. And after a month there was a conflict arises, and this because of disagreement. Our pastor have his own concept of investing there business, while Mr. Fuerzas also have his own strategy of investing. A week after Mr. Fuentes felt of being discourage, he begun not attending Sunday service until he totally separate from our church. This were happened because of there disagreement with our pastor. Sometimes division also is caused by overconfident to self idea, because people who possess this kind of pride will not any more listen or consider from other ideas because he/she only believe and confidently on his own idea. And also the different or wrong report will also be the cause of division.

D. The Effects

Division creates quarrels, exterminates good relation to one another and it affects the relations with God. Now, this is the outcomes when there is division this leads to quarrels because of having different belief and different idea and the outcome or effect of these cause exterminate also good relation toward other. If this case happen in the church, the church will never going to grow, because everyone might just do what is for good him and not to the church himself. In church of Imelda, one of the officers of the church encounter such of this… there house where just near to each other. During Sunday morning, if the officer of the church sees that his opponent went at the church for worship the officer will just stay at there house. whenever if the officer of the church went first in the church his opponent also will just stay at home. Brethren what will happen on the church if members go like this? Is there any good things happen? Would you think that the church would grow after all? The officer left his office in the church and the other one stop coming for Sunday worship. This was the effect of there disagreement; through disagreement division comes- and this division brings or exterminates there good relation, and this also resulted and affected there relation toward our God.

E. The Criteria –

An Adequate solution of division must observe by drawing near to God and having a close-relation to one another. This is now the important things that Christians need to remember when division comes, we need to draw near to God; in drawing near to God engage us to love and obey His commands. Through of this also it lead us to love and draw near to one another specially to our co-believers in Christ, for Christ Himself wants that we as His followers must be united in Him, to do our best on the task that he has given to all. Brethren, the adequate solution of division is observed by drawing near to God and drawing near to one another.

II – Extra Biblical Solutions

A. Division can be cured by reestablishing good relation and having regular communication toward others. Often times, most of the people try to escape from each other after having division in belief, ideas and etc. They try to hide there faces, sometimes covered it with notes or what things they have in their hands just to escape and hide there selves from each other. They did like this for the reason that they want to escape from trouble and have peace on their own. The truth is that, peace will not be obtained by hiding ourselves! But by reestablishing back the good relation of its other after having division. We can not escape the trouble by hiding each of our faces or by not speaking to them. Because in doing it, it leads the situation into worst. Instead after having division, we need to put back or reestablish our good relation to each other.

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