Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: As Christians, God desires our obedience.

How Can We Please God?

1 Peter 2:4-10

Intro: God desires our obedience.....

Thomas Platter had such a great zeal for studying the ancient tongues that he supported himself through manual labor by day and at night studied with sand in his mouth, that the gritting against his teeth might keep him awake. This lad, so passionately eager to master the wisdom of the ages, when he heard from the pulpit the complete, unadulterated Word of God, for so many centuries withheld from the people, declared that he felt as if he were being pulled up by the hair of his head. (The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, Roland H. Bainton, 82-3)

Verse 4 begins a new section in which Peter uses extensive OT imagery to show that NT believers are a people of God who have come to possess all blessings of OT Israel, but in far greater measure. Believers must realize that...

I. As God’s church we must dedicate our service. (4-8)

Those who receive Jesus Christ serve Him. (4-7)

We draw near to Him (OT to speak or offer sacrifices/ now all believers have priv.) (4a)

Men rejected Jesus, but He is precious to God (4b,c)

The church is spiritual temple made up of Christians (living stones) (5a,b)

Believers are are our own priests before God - the priesthood of the believer (5c)

Peter explains scripture: we are built into a house, Jesus is our foundation (6)

Those who reject Jesus Christ stumble over Him. (7-8)

Jesus is the cornerstone of Psalm 118; the stumbling stone of Isaiah 8; the foundation stone of Isaiah 28; the supernatural stone of Daniel 2; and the rock that gave Israel water in the wilderness (1 Corinthians 10:4).

Matthew 21:42, Jesus quoted Ps. 118:22 abut Himself

It is appointed that those who reject Jesus will stumble over Him

Instead of their salvation, He becomes a rock of offense

II. As God’s church we must proclaim His salvation. (9-10)

We are a chosen generation. (2:9)

We are a royal priesthood. (2:9)

We are a holy nation. (2:9)

We are a special people. (9-10)

a. We proclaim His majesty. (2:9)

b. We partake of His mercy. (2:10)

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