Summary: Revival / Christian Character


1 Peter 1:23

Take a careful look at your seeds; just by looking, can you tell if the seeds in which you hold in you hand is alive. Or have you cast judgment and deemed these seeds as useless and dead.

When you look at a seed, there is something more that what meets the eye. . . . You see – inside the seed there is a complex reproduction network that lies dorsal until conditions are right and reproduction can take place.

Lets’ take a moment and learn what’s inside a seed --- Inside the seed there is a reproductive structure that contains a embryo or miniature plant, --- a supply of food --- and a protective coating. . . .

What are the conditions for Christian Growth to take place?

You have be first exposed to the Word of God – Once you have been exposed – a seed is planted – though it might not take root and grow then – But somewhere in the fertility of life – the conditions get right – the heart becomes warm from the trails of life --- and becomes fertile for the seed to grow.

In order for a seed to grow – there must be pollination and fertilization

In order for a Christian to grow -- there must be justification and sanctification

In order for a seed to reproduce or change into a new form – first it must die --- Once the seed dies it looses it’s protective coating and from the inside a new growth takes place

WELL! ! ! In order that those whom are in Christ to become a new creature – a change must take place – Paul said in Romans 6:6 that our old man is crucified with him (with Jesus) – that the body of sin might be destroyed – that henceforth we should not serve sin – for he that is dead is freed form sin – now if we be dead with Christ – we believe that we shall also live with Him. . . .

How can you tell if a seed is living or dead?

Just as the seed grows day by day. . .

For the Christian this reproduction process is a one day at a time . . . Paul said in I Cor. 15:31b ---

I die daily. . . . Everyday you have to die to sin that you may grow in Christ..

Look at the seed’s character: When a seed began to grow – I’ve noticed that it’s not hinders because something blocks it’s path of growth. What the sprout does is – grows around what ever is in the way. . . .

Well – I feel I need to tell you – you ought to be like the seed – when a seed can’t grow straight up – it won’t stop growing --- It just grows around.

You know how some of us will do: We start off doing good – but soon as trouble come – soon as we are face with the issues of life – soon as satan get in our way – soon as problems happen that we can cope with – the first thing you do is stop coming to church --- when you stop coming to church – you stop growing -- because you miss out on your share of the sincere milk of the word – thereby letting worldly vices block our growth.

Don’t let the problems of this world – stop you from growing – Paul said, I’ll let nothing separate me from the love of God. My brothers and sisters

If you can’t grow straight up – learn how to grow around.

Look at the seed – The seed has an identity: When you plant mustards – don’t expect turnips – or if you plant lettuce – you won’t get tomatoes – When ever you plant – that the produce you will get. . . .

The seed give you an identity – the seed identifies you as the Children of God.

If you plant the seed on the word – you’ll get a Christian whose steps are ordered by the word – whose hearing is obedient to word. . . . WATCH THIS

You can’t plant worldly seeds and expect to grow a heavenly garden. . . .

That’s why some folk don’t feel comfortable in the church – WHY – they growing in the wrong soil. . . .

Selfishness was planted and you expected blessing to come up

Lying was planted and you expected the truth to come up

Hatred was planted and you expected Love to come up

Jealousy was planted and you expected fellowship to come up

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