Summary: This is the first part of the Genesis series

Have you ever wondered how everything came to be what it is today? Many people would answer yes to this. If you have answered no then, I am sure that you have asked this question at some point and time in your life here on earth. Today we will discuss how everything came to be what it is today.

God created and he creates everything that is here on this earth. God created the day and the night. God created every plant and every animal that walks among this earth. God even created and is still creating every human that walks among this earth. The other thing is that God will always be the only person that creates everything that you and I see here on this earth.

God took his time creating everything that you and I see. He took his time one because he loves you and I. The other reason is because God wanted everything that he created to be different. When things are different among us, then that is when we begin to learn from one another.

We have all different kinds of plants, animals and humans. We have different names for different plant, different kinds of animals, and different kinds of races. The one thing that we all have in common though is that we were all created by God. And that God is the one that is and will be in total control of everything that goes on and everything that will go on....AMEN!

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