Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How to discover if the church you are attending is the one you are supposed to be at.

How do I know I’m in God’s will being a part of this church?

Isaiah 2

If you look around, there are churches of all sizes, religions, denominations, and colors everywhere you turn. (Give ex. And directions)

God has a place for all of us where he wants us to worship. But how do I know this is it? How do I know this is where God wants me to attend, grow in, and become a part of?

**One thing’s for certain, God will clarify it in your spirit if you search him diligently enough. How do I know?

Proverbs “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path”.

We need to know where God wants us. And wherever that is, we need to get in it and become a vital part of the local branch of the kingdom of God.


What is a church hopper?

Someone who goes from place to place, never stable, believing that God is satisfied with their loose ways. They are weak in word, but full of shout. And their opinion of a good church is one that runs the fastest, shouts the loudest, and spits the farthest.

They have a problem with authority, submission, and service.

They can not be used in the body effectively because (1)they aren’t dependable, (2)they’re not faithful, and (3)they can’t mature properly because of a lack of a church family.

**Now, you must understand the difference between the church hopper and the ones that are looking for the right place that God wants them. The one’s really searching for God’s will are going to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and will know when God has them in the right place. They want to work, labor, and grow, and they have purposed that when they find that place they will stay there.


In the text, we know Isaiah is prophesying of Christ’s kingdom and its establishment. But, God spoke to me and showed me this was his people, or the church coming toward him. And as the church will do then, the same thing should be going on now.

(1)v.2 mountain of Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains

While sitting on top of the mountain, it soars above the valley. And in the valley is where the battles are fought.

**The church in God’s will will be bigger than any controversy, struggle, strife, or confusion. Realizing there is a warfare going on, this church will be bigger than that. No little spat or struggle will destroy them. They aren’t ate up in confusion. People aren’t in disarray. They are soaring with the eagles at the top of the mountain.

I realize we won’t be shouting all the time, but we should always be higher/stronger than any problem that comes our way!

(2)v.2 shall be exalted above the hills

There are a lot of hills sitting in the midst of mountains. But you can see mountains higher than hills. They are bigger and bolder.

**While there are multitudes of churches/congregations, the church in God’s will will be different than the rest. They will be more recognizable, for they are at a different level than other churches. Not that they are better/holier than thou, but they made a conclusion they didn’t want to be a hill forever, but turn into a mountain. So now folks pass by many other church buildings to get to the church in God’s will, for they don’t just want to be a part of a hill but a mountain.

(3)v.2b all nations shall flow unto it

In other words, folks from every direction will come into it.

**The church in God’s will is going to see new folks coming, and church attendance grow. Numbers aren’t everything, but a growth in attendance is a good sign something is going right. People are hungry, and sick and tired of plain old religion. And when they find a place where they are touched of God, they will go there.

Why do some churches never grow? Because what is dieing on the inside is causing death on the outside. When the congregation loses their zeal for God and are not offering a refreshing anointing of the Holy Ghost, no one will go there.

(4)v.3 many will say, come and go up to the mountain of the Lord

They were telling each other to go with them to the top of the mountain

**When the church is in God’s will, the folks will be eager to tell others to come be with them in worship. Why? We are excited about what God is doing. The church is alive, real, and has so much to offer. And we want others to come take part of this blessing.

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