Summary: The Holy Spirit is the one whom the Lord has ‘called alongside of us’ to give us help. But how do we know when we're being led?

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Andy Rooney (60 Minutes) once said that the (2) most popular books in any bookstore are Cook books & Diet books: (1) tells you how to cook it & the other (1) tells you why you shouldn’t eat it

We live in a confusing world that’s difficult to find our way in @ times: so long before we were born, God promised to send the Holy Spirit to help guide us thru this confusing world.

(R) John 14: 15 – 18 + 25 – 27 or p. 823 in pew Bible

God gave us the Holy Spirit to HELP us = literally the Greek reads PARACLETE; the Holy Spirit is the one whom the Lord has ‘called alongside of us’ to give us help in (2) specific ways:

1. 1st ~ The Spirit will teach us ‘all things,’ God does not hide any of His pearls of wisdom. God wants us to know His will, so we can walk INSYNC w-Him and experience the benefits of His power in our lives!

2. 2nd ~ The Spirit will also ‘bring to remembrance’ what Jesus has said.

a. It’s God’s desire to reveal truth instead of hiding it - - God wants us to remember & not forget: it is the Spirit’s job is to remind us what is true and trustworthy!

b. Jesus assures us that the Spirit will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

c. (R) John 16: 5 – 14 God promises to guide us into all truth!

I’ve had times when the Spirit work of revealing truth has been clearly evident:

• Almost weekly the Spirit reveals biblical insights, I’d otherwise have missed.

• A sudden awareness of God’s presence = sense of peace in the midst of chaos.

• Boldness & confidence in public settings when otherwise would be fear & hesitation.

• The undeniable presence, presence of evil = dark sinister presence of demonic; having bold confidence that, He that is w-in me is greater than He who’s in this world

Each time the Spirit reveals the truth in each situation.

I wish the question of…how do I know I’m led by the Holy Spirit; was clearly marked = clearly spelled out in scripture ~ but it’s not that clear cut 

TODAY our study of the Holy Spirit moves from a fairly safe place to an extremely personal & complex answer to this important question.

Before we begin answering the question of ~ it’s important to know the pre-requisites to the Spirit’s leading:

• 1st & most importantly = you must be a Christian

 When you accept Jesus as the Lord & Savior of your life, the Holy Spirit comes to live w-in you. Only Christ-followers have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

 (R) Ephesians 4: 3 – 6 or p. 897 in pew Bible


 (R) Colossians 2: 6 – 10 + 12 or p. 902 in pew Bible

• Next = you must be wise

 (R) Ephesians 5: 15 – 18 or p 897 in pew Bible

 Pure chaos happens when we attempt to decipher the Holy Spirit’s leading in the wrong way.

 Other words don’t be looking for the face of Jesus to mysteriously appear in your strawberry pie this summer 

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