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Summary: Last week we defined our purpose which is: "Connecting people with Jesus Christ and each other". Today, using Scripture as our guide, we are going to learn the "how". (Acts 13:13-52)

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How do we fulfill our Purpose?

Acts 13:13-52


When this series first started we discussed the imp of being a biblical church

-- The church of Acts is a tremendous model for us to examine / follow

-- When it comes to following Christ, there is really NO more perfect example

Last week we DEFINED our purpose for each of us to pray over and consider

-- Our purpose is: “Connecting people with Jesus Christ and each other”

Today, straight from scripture, we are going to learn the “how”

-- Last week I asked if we were living by the same standard as Antioch was

We’ve got 4 questions that we are going to attempt to answer today from Acts 13

Lots to get to today, lots of scripture as well, so let’s pray and dive in …

Point 1 – What’s our example to follow? (13-31)

Read Acts 13:13-31

The first critical point to answering “if we are obeying” is to ask:

-- What is the example that we are following?

-- The bible says, Prov 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

If we don’t have a model to follow, we will simply wander aimlessly

-- Analogy: Consider driving to my parent’s house in Troy, NY for Christmas dinner without a map, GPS, compass, or anything else to navigate too but you knew that you had to be there and knew the end point … how would you get there?

-- Many churches today have the exact same problem – all thrust but no vector

-- The book of Acts is that road map! It points us in a direction to serve Christ!!

V13 and v14 shows Paul and Barnabas traveling, GOING, to share Christ

But look, just as Peter did in Acts 2 through 4, Paul is now doing in v16

-- Reminds them of their history; invokes in them pride in descendants

-- APP: Once you have someone’s attention, they will listen to you

-- EX: I have the cure to what ails you and I want to give it you for FREE …

Up through v22 most people in this time are pretty comfortable

-- After all, this is the OT he is quoting and they’re prob. high-fiving each other

-- But then Paul takes a hard left turn in v23 … the name of Jesus invokes change

-- The name of Jesus brings conviction, but it brings release to SO many in need

The example you and I are to follow is right here in the text; clear and concise

-- Many gathered around John (v25) and question him routinely (John 1:19-27)

-- John’s answer though is exactly what Paul teaches here, and what we should too

-- BOTTOM LINE: It isn't about me folks, but the One that I serve!!

The example that we are to follow is the same the Disciples are doing here:

-- Ready? (pause) 2 Tim 4:2, “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.”

-- We are called to preach it, live it, and multiply it – nothing more matters!

TRANS: If we know the example, we then ask what’s our curriculum

Point 2 – What are we to teach? (32-41)

Read Acts 13:32-41

We are to preach one thing and one thing only: The Good News!

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