Summary: Comparing David’s return to throne with Jesus

“How Do You Welcome a King?”

2 Samuel 19

Intro: We have a special guest speaker who is here today. I don’t think anyone saw him yet, but I’m sure you all respect him highly. His name is GOD! The Holy Spirit wants to speak to each one of us today, but will we listen?

If we knew we were personally meeting God today, just how would it change us? What would we do differently if we knew God was sitting on the platform looking out at us? Well, he is here, and he does see. Let’s look at his word this morning!

If you’ve heard the news recently, you’ve heard a lot about Kosovo and Yugoslavia. Fighting, bloodshed, ethnic cleansing: different people groups who can’t get along. But that’s nothing new in society. It was happening hundreds of years ago: only the names were changed back then. It used to be the Israelites and Philistines and Moabites and any of a number of “-ites.”

We’ve been reading about King David in our trek through the scriptures. We read last week about his battles against the enemy nations. But this week we see him face an even deadlier enemy: his own son, Absalom. Absalom plots to take the throne from his father. King David goes into exile. Absalom rules in Jerusalem while the true king is fleeing for his life. But a short time later we see Absalom hanging in a tree by his long hair that he only cut whenever it became too heavy for him. King David returns to the city to resume his reign as King. Let’s look at this event this morning in 2 Samuel 19. Page 315 if you’re using a Bible in the pew. READ 19:9-15

This is the setting for our story this morning. The return of the King. How do you welcome a king returning to his throne?

I. The Return of King David - we see the men of Judah are chosen to welcome the King back across the Jordan River. Let’s look at the different people who meet the king, and see David’s response to each.

A. Shimei receives forgiveness - READ 19:16-24

Shimei had cursed King David when he left the city. He was of the tribe of Saul, son of Kish - the tribe of Benjamin. He pelted David with stones when David was leaving the city, and he called down curses on him. Yet here we find King David extending his forgiveness. He allows Shimei to live. Shimei has been the first to meet David, falling at his feet and asking for forgiveness. And David allows him to keep his life. As the King returns, forgiveness is offered.

B. Mephibosheth receives answers - READ 19:24-30

Mephibosheth is the son of Jonathan - really an heir to Saul’s throne - he could have been a threat to David’s rule. David had taken Mephibosheth into his own home out of his love for Jonathan. But when David left the city, Mephibosheth wasn’t there. As David returns, we find out why. Mephibosheth was crippled. His servant Ziba had plotted against him to steal his lands. David provides answer to the situation. He gives half the land to Mephibosheth for his inheritance and half to Ziba for the care he had given. Mephibosheth is comforted, for his heart was in the return of the King. As the King returns, answers are given.

C. Barzillai receives accolades - READ 19:31-39

Have you noticed no one has a simple name like Joe or Fred? Barzillai is honored, for he had been a faithful friend to the King. He is rewarded and honored for his faithfulness to David in the past. He is told whatever he wants, to simply ask for it. As the King returns, honor is given to the faithful.

D. The tribes disagree with one another - READ 19:40-43

At a great time as the return of the king, we see jealousy arising. Certain tribes of Israel feeling other tribes were getting more honor than them. Petty jealousy ruins the joy of the return of the King. When the King returns, there are still some who are self-seeking.

E. Sheba stirs up contention - READ 20:1-2, 6-7,22

Sheba brings division to the people, leading astray the northern 10 tribes, but that division is dealt with severely. He pays with his life. When the king returns, contention is dealt with severely.

We have seen David the King returning to his throne to rule for many more years. Now let’s go forward 1200 years to another King, one from the line of David. Jesus of Nazareth. Some of you might have been wondering what all this had to do with Easter Sunday. Let’s look at some similarities in the return of the King.

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