Summary: John 3:16 is your invitation to come to Christ … because God already gave. He has given you a clear pathway to lay down your sin and be made new ... why not accept it? Why do we continue to allow our shame to control us?

How does God love us?

John 3:16-21


- The gospel of John screams of the faith that we should have in Christ

-- It is the clearest example of living life FOR the one who redeemed you and I

Last time:

- Nicodemus has come to talk to Jesus one evening

-- Nicodemus as a Pharisee would’ve had money, and power, and influence

-- But, Jesus turns the conversation to spiritual things – gives honest truth

-- APP: Sugar-coating was not something Jesus did with anyone’s questions

- However, Jesus’s answer is probably not what Nicodemus wanted to hear

-- There is a bit of a challenge in Nicodemus’s position to contend with

-- (v10) “you are Israel’s teacher, yet you don’t know these things?”

- Couple of take away’s from their conversation:

1) First, we see Jesus cutting to the chase and engaging honestly (v3)

2) Second, we see Jesus pointing only to what God has done (v6)

3) Third, when presented with a challenge, Jesus directs back to the truth

- So how do we witness? By presenting the things of God honestly!

-- We need to know what we know, and be willing to show that to others!

-- If we won’t, then who will … and if we don’t, what can it cost them?

- This brings us to a critical passage in John; prob. most known in the whole Bible

- Read John 3:16-21 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Believers and Non-Believers

- People have always wanted to add too and complicate this passage (v16)

-- IMP: The fact remains … what Jesus said on that day still stands true today

- For us, salvation comes as a free gift; but we must believe it and receive

-- Nicodemus had great intellectual knowledge; but no spiritual knowledge

-- Re: This helps us understand why Jesus also spoke these verses (teaching)

- If you notice, Jesus uses variations of the word believe four times

-- But Jesus actually does something incredible here for us to understand

-- He separates humans into two categories: believers and unbelievers

- We know that the Gospel contains the whole story of reconciliation to God

-- We see the birth, the ministry, the cross, death, and (IMP) the resurrection

-- The entire message of Christ is affirmed in the key word: believe

- Now, notice the incredible mercy we are given by God

-- God has given you and I a gift … a gift to choose how we will live

- TRANS: However, there is even more to this verse we need to see

∆ Point 2 – Agapao, Monogenes, and Ekthetos

- In order to fully grasp this verse we have to look at a little Greek

-- These three words in Jn 3:16 give us tremendous insight to Jesus’s method (this is the HOW)

-- Re: He was direct with Nicodemus, and the Bible is still that direct today

- John uses the word “agapao” quite liberally in this book; 36 times

-- This is almost twice as much as any other book uses the same word

-- Literally, it means to love dearly … as the Father loved the Son (Jesus)

- Because of God’s love for us, we were GIVEN the Son as a gift

-- The love God has for us has no limits that He’d give His Son so freely

-- The decision we have here is what do we do with it? We accept or refuse!

-- APP: We do not get the opportunity of “deciding later”; it may never come

- Jesus used the phrase “one and only”, which translates to “monogenes”

-- In referencing Jesus, we were given God’s one of kind Son to redeem us

-- It is a picture that we must grasp when we refer to Christ today

- APP: Mono (only) and genos (the only of its kind)

-- Truly, there is no other like Christ, and God gave Him freely for us

- Finally, we have the word “ekthetos” – commonly translated as perish

-- Critical: This word actually means to cast out; to be offered for destruction

-- The word phrasing is clear: Those who refuse will be alienated from God

- TRANS: In context, v16 speaks much louder than what’s on the surface

∆ Point 3 – God gives us a Way out

- There is no way to really grasp impact of Jn 3:16 without v17-21 supporting

-- APP: Why? It gives us purpose …

- God’s purpose was never that humanity would be condemned; or cast out

-- Ref 2 Peter 3:9, “It is God’s desire that none should perish …”

-- We were created to worship; to praise Him - Re-read v15-18

- Jesus as we see, is the central theme in these verses:

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