Summary: This is an evangilistic message to reach the unchurched. Paul opens up quite clearly a number of reasons why people are without excuse.

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1)God speaks to us through creation.Rom: 1 v20 Gen.1v1 In the beginning God created.

Men since the enlightenment period 18th –19th century the age of reason have come up with all types of theories in regard to the origin of life. Six theories pushed forward as Science yet only one is empirical science.

1. Cosmic evolution the origin of time space matter (The Big Bang)

2. Chemical evolution The origin of higher elements from Hydrogen.

3. Stellar and planetary evolution- origin of Stars and planets

4. Organic evolution origin of life.

5. Macro evolution - origin of major kinds

6. Micro evolution -Variation within a kind.

The Founder of evolution Charles Darwin at the age of 22 fresh out of Bible College sailed on HMS Beagle in 1831 to the Galapagos Island where he studied 14 different types of finches based on their beck shape. He concluded that all the finches had a common ancestor. (He was right it was a bird!)

In his book “The origin of species” on page 170 wrote, “It is a truly wonderful fact. That all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other.

Telling us that birds and bananas are related? He is going way beyond his observed evidence, he left his science and went into his religion. So when speculation and set biases and assumptions come into it we come out of the world of empirical science and into the world of make believe! Rom1v23 –25

A leading Biochemist. M. Dixon said “The origin of life on this planet by chance, is the most improbable event in the history of the universe.”

The Question should be not how? But who started it all? Chance or design

I believe in a intelligent designer (The Word) I look around the world we live and I see intelligent design take the human eye for instance can distinguish 6million colors it is made up of 5 sub systems. For the eye to function correctly all those sub systems have to be in place, it speaks of intelligent design. The human eye could have never evolved over a piece meal step by step random chance process.

Charles Darwin page 75 Origin of Species says,

“To suppose the eye with all it’s intimate contrivances for adjusting the focuses to different distances. For adjusting different amounts of light and for the correction of spherical chromatic abortion. Could have been formed by natural selection seems I freely confess absurd in the highest degree.”

Imagine sticking a stick of dynamite under this church building and out of it all we get a nice little chain store of Churches all identical it absolute nonsense

Information science

Take human DNA It’s information it has a specific order and a specific job to do it’s not random it speaks of intelligent design

For instance imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing a load of fridge magnets on the floor , as you look down there is a message, ‘honey I’ve gone to the shops I will see you later’ Well as soon as you see that message you infer straight away that some intelligent design has gone into.. You don’t think Oh they must have all just fallen down and landed that way. No somebody has left you a message. When we look atour DNA Gods is leaving us a message loud and clear!

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