Summary: many times the mistake we make is to present the gospel so that it turns people away, Philip presented the truth simply and trusted Jesus with the result.

How Evangelism Works

John 1:43-49

US Census Bureau 2000

There are about 5000 households in this zip code alone with about 2000 families with children, do the math and there at least 7-12000 people who could be reached in this zip code

Now multiply that by the number of zip codes represented in this room and that means that there are thousands of persons that could be reached by just the people in this room through evangelism

*** The problem is that there is very little personal evangelism

Personal evangelism is making the most of opportunities to share your own personal experience of coming to Christ

Another problem is that many people just have a religious experience

And what we need is a spiritual experience

Religious experiences can be mere rituals without having a life changing effect

But spiritual experiences are usually unexpected and change you forever

I believe this is what Philip had

The text opens with Jesus calling Philip; He very simply says “Follow me”—literally, “Keep on following me.” And Philip did. In the following verses we see immediate incendiary results in Philip’s life—he had a burning desire to share the gospel. One lighted torch lights another torch. So Philip went forth to share the gospel, and soon he found Nathanael.

Personal Encounter

Philip had to be excited about his discovery

The reason for the excitement

The recognized value/benefit of the encounter

At least three things changed

His past changed

His present has changed

His future has changed

The result of the excitement

Philip found Nathaniel

*A Simple Testimony

“We have found Him”

*A Simple Invitation

Come and see

*A Profound Result


Jesus sees the potential in every person

The spiritual reality…

Before Philip called I saw you

Every person has something to offer the kingdom

Philip trusted Jesus with the outcome

We often want to see the fruit of our labor

We often want to drive a person to Christ

Philip simply shared the news and let the spiritual realities already at work determine the outcome

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