Summary: 1. Jesus finds us (vs. 9). 2. Jesus invites us to follow Him (vs. 9). 3. Jesus fellowships with us (vs. 10). 4. Jesus functions as a doctor to heal us from our sin (vs. 11-13).

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“What We All Have Felt” (Betrayed)

Text: Mark 14:10-11, 44-46

I want to talk to you today about something that is NOT funny. If we could have worked it out I would have showed you how NOT funny it really is on the screen by showing you a video clip from the PASSION OF CHRIST. I'll share an experience instead.

I was pastoring a church for the very first time on the west side. After a few months my wife had been speaking to a friend she was teaching with who remarked she and her husband were looking for a church. Her husband was a singer and worship leader at their previous church and we needed one of those. We believed it would be nice to have them join us in ministry. So they attended our church, we wined and dined them and before long he was leading worship at our church. In less than a year, this young man betrayed me. I was told by some men in the church that he was meeting with them and for some reason was speaking bad about me and was trying to turn people against me.

Betrayed. A word we might forget about during the Easter season—but it is how Jesus’ march toward Calvary is sealed. It satisfied the religious leaders; it came into play with the political leaders; and even the spiritual leader of this darkened world, Satan himself, got to inhabit the main player—Judas, and give Jesus a betrayer’s kiss goodbye.

If you didn't know what the word meant, you may try to understand it by tearing it apart. BE-TRAYED = be placed on a tray =To be handed over. Actually it comes from the word be+traitor…to be “treated” as the teenage slang infers today.

The bible tells us that Betrayal happens

1. In the dark. The words we use to celebrate communion begin with the words, “On the NIGHT Jesus was betrayed…” I had a interim professor from Zimbabwe who told my class that betrayal always happens in the dark. YOU DON’T KNOW IT IS GOING ON! You are caught by surprise! “In the dark”

You feel it when you’ve been called into the office at work and you are fired. You may not have even done anything wrong, but someone needs to be blamed, things need to change, and you are the scapegoat.

BUT you had no idea of what was about to take place when you were called in. Betrayal happened to you and you were… in the dark.

The bible also tells us betrayal happens

2. By someone you’ve trusted. Your enemy has no such tool to use against you. It is an inside job --only a friend can betray –a cloaked weapon found in the hands of one you love.

In a sense it would have been better to be betrayed by a stranger or an enemy so that you would be a victim of circumstance --but you are not. You are a victim of a friend.

Perhaps you know the feeling:

• An unsigned letter by your spouse stating he’s left you for someone he’s had an affair with for the past two years.

• Your drug addicted son you've allowed shelter in your home has stolen money from you.

• You move your family to another state for a job promised to you but it does not materialize.

• The “ex” stops by to pick up the kids with her new boyfriend.

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