Summary: Since Jesus is the Lord of Hosts, sovereign; you ought to honor and respect Him.


Absalom the son of King David — Israel’s greatest king began to despise (look down on with contempt/scorn) his father and made plans to become king in his father’s place. He secretly sowed seeds of division and rebellion in his father’s kingdom. He won over the hearts of the Israelites and then openly led a rebellion against his father David in an attempt to take over his kingdom.

When Absalom was killed, the Bible says, ‘The king was deeply moved and went up to the chamber over the gate and wept. And thus he said as he walked, "O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!"’ 2Sa 18:33

David’s heart was not to destroy his son, but to save his son, even if it meant dying in his place — that is what God did for us. David was not his enemy, he was his father. He loved him in spite of his rebellion. That pictures God’s relationship to us!

The Main Point: Since Jesus is the Lord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth [seba’ot]), sovereign; you ought to honor and respect Him.

Irreverence always portrays an improper viewpoint (misconception) of God. It is despising God’s name or holding it in contempt.

Malachi 1:1-5 is meant to correct our thinking about God’s love. He gave evidences!

Malachi 1:6-2:17 reveals the posture of the people (Evidence of irreverence) before God.

 The first group of people God deals with is the spiritual leaders (the priests) (6).

 Despising God’s name summarizes everything else in Malachi.

How do you despise His name (practice irreverence)?

I. Through actions that thwart His universal plan. v. 11, 14

Thwart – hinder, obstruct, frustrate, or defeat

A. He will make His name great among the nations.

1. A godly line is identified with the character of God as it was revealed in His names (Ge. 4:26)

2. A godly line will bear His name bodily throughout eternity (Rev. 22:4).

B. He is to look great through your actions.

1. YOU: Observe His laws (Deut. 28:58).

2. GOD: Will vindicate His name among all peoples (Ez 36:16-24; 38:23; 39:7, 25; Acts 15:14).

a. Jews blasphemed His name before the Gentiles.

b. Gentiles will be engrafted into His body (Acts 15:14).

Mat 6:9 "Pray, then, in this way: 'Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.

c. Disobedience blasphemes His name (Ro 2:24; Is.52:5; Ez. 36:20)


So what? Are you willing and desirous of furthering God’s plan?

Why? God’s name will be made to look great! His Word guarantees it. His will, will come to pass!

Now what? The questions is will He be made to look great through your life? It happens when you manifest the character and attributes of God. You live like Christ did.

1) You experience a serious illness and/or financial loss…

THANKFULNESS for the opportunities it provides TO TESTIFY OF His greatness!

Jehovah-rophe (The Lord Who Heals) will heal you completely (physical, moral, spiritual)…

2) You lose your job…

Jehovah-jireh “The Lord Will Provide” yesterday, today and tomorrow… Ge. 22:14

Jehovah Nissi … “The Lord My Banner” or the “Lord My Miracle”…

Jehovah Nissi (yeh-ho-vaw nis-see)… Ex. 17:15

3) The manner in which you govern your home.

Jehovah-M’Kaddesh… "The Eternally Self-Existent One Who Sanctifies"… separate from all evil… holy… separated unto God

4) The places you go for entertainment.

El Elyon ‘The Most High (Exalted) God (majesty)”

5) The circumstances of life come crashing down on you… the passing of a loved one…

6) You receive a raise, promotion, other blessing!

Jehovah-shalom (God of peace) experience and manifest?

What are some attributes of God that we know of?

He is to look great through your actions.

How? You honor and respect Him through all situations in life.

How do you practice irreverence?

Transitional Statement: First, through actions that thwart His universal plan; secondly, through actions that violate His character.

II. Through actions that violate His character. V. 6

The Jews had great respect for the name of God.

A. Actions that fail to give honor to God’s name (Mal 2:2).

… magnify Him through a life of walking by faith.

1. How is your visible testimony?

a. Where do people see you go?

b. What do people see you do?

c. Do they witness a harsh spirit or joyful, kind spirit?

Does your life enlarge the name of God in the eyes of your viewers?

2. How is your verbal testimony?

a. What do people hear from you

b. What type of language do you use?

c. Do they feel your wrath when things don’t go your way?

Do you sometimes wish people didn’t know you were a Christian?

B. Actions that fail to reverence Him (2:5).

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