Summary: The 5th in a series going through all Christ endured leading up to the Cross. The series ends Easter Sunday with the Glorious Resurrection

In Is. 50:4-11 we encounter one of the servant songs. These were words spoken by the prophet that prophesied about both Israel and the Lord Jesus. Is. is speaking to Jews in the exile. These Jews felt abandoned and alone. They did not feel that God was with them. Is. brought words of encouragement of a better time. A time when they would be restored and words to let them know that they had not been abandoned. God was still there.

We talked last week about the humiliation that Jesus suffered- the fact that the people spat on Him and stretched Him farther than anyone should have been stretched. Jesus suffered great humiliation for you and I. During the beatings and the mockery there was something else that occurred. They plucked out His beard. This is something that we often overlook when we read about all that Jesus endured. This is found here in the words of Isaiah. According to the prophet, they plucked out Jesus’ beard.

God never abandons His people. He did not abandon Christ, and He will not abandon you.

Jesus was beaten, mocked, spat upon, humiliated, and had His beard plucked out. Even though all of this was going on, Jesus endured and never quit.

Read Is. 50:4-11

How was Jesus able to endure all of this hardship? How was He able to carry on? How was He able not to quit?

I. Jesus had God as Master V. 4, 5, 7, 9.

In these verses the term Lord God is used. Lord means master, God= Yahweh. The idea of one being master is that the master is in control. The Master is in control of everything. What needs to be noted is that to be in under the Master is voluntary. Jesus never had to be. He never had to do any of the things that He did .

The Lord was in control of His word/tongue. The Lord was in control of His waking and sleeping. Jesus gave over His flesh desires to the will of the Father. In the Garden, Jesus’ flesh said don’t do this; but He gave himself to the will of the Lord so that all people might be saved.

These words also ring true of the prophet Isaiah. His mouth, ears, attitude- everything was under the control of the Lord. Every word that He spoke was inspired by God. He went where the Lord told Him to go, even if that meant that he was going into a place where people did not want to hear God’s Word. Is. was faithful to God’s call when God said who will go and whom can I send. Isaiah said Here am I, send me. Isaiah never backed down from that call. Even when it meant bringing news that there was destruction coming. Here Isaiah brings news of hope.

Do you let God be your Master? Most of us do not have a problem w/ God as our Savior. We let Him do that. Why do we not let Him be Lord? We need to relinquish control of all circumstances and situations that arise. Letting Jesus be Lord means letting Him be master. He controls our mouth, ears, when we arise and when we sleep. He controls every aspect. When we will give God that kind of control there is no doubt that we can endure through anything that comes our way.

II. Jesus had the Help of God v. 7,9.

Jesus is God. When Jesus came to earth He voluntarily limited Himself. He came in the form of a man. He could have given up His limitation at anytime. Instead, Jesus relied upon His Master for help. Jesus never forgot His purpose and His mission. He continued to be on task. He would get away frequently so that He could be refreshed and renewed. He needed the strength and confidence that comes only from God. Jesus could not endure the beatings and having His beard torn out on His own. God was His help. The Father is where He turned to.

Isaiah never tried to be a prophet on his own. He never tried to preach God’s word on His own. He waited upon the Lord.

Whatever the Lord is calling you to do, you do not have to do it on your own. If God is calling you, God will give you what you need to do the job. God is not going to leave you alone. He is there to help you through whatever is happening.

Is God calling you to teach? You have a helper who will put the words in your mouth and give you the strength to stand before people.

Is God calling you to be a missionary? God will help you break through language/cultural barriers, and give you strength to endure. He will help you to know whether to go far away or stay where you are and be a missionary.

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