Summary: A motivational message describing the importance and purpose of attending church.

The Junior Bible Quiz Sermon Series

How important is church attendance?

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:24,25

Purpose: A motivational message that demonstrates the purpose of attending church.

How to introduce this message: Fewer people attend church, and the younger the person is the more unlikely they are to attend. However, before we read too much into why this is so, we need to revisit the purpose for attending church. Part of the reason people don't attend as much may be because the church is being used by its members for purposes other than what was intended. Some people go to church to find friendship. Others for entertainment. Still others for a sense of importance. Yet, the Bible defines the purpose for attending church.

Proposition statement: Christ's followers gather to motivate each other toward love and good deeds, and to encourage each other in the effort.

I. We gather to be spurred on.

a. Spurs are those things cowboys would put on their boots in order to emphasize to their horses a sense of urgency in movement. Spurs hurt a little but don't do any damage. People need to be spurred on because we tend to get lazy and complacent. We tend to be satisfied with an entertaining church service. We tend to relax when things seem good. But there is always more to do. We live in a world that lacks love while having an abundance of need.

b. Biblical support: James says: Religion that is pure and that honors God is helping widows and orphans in their distress and remaining unsoiled by the world.

c. Sometimes, we need to be in each other's faces about how engaged we are in the work of representing Christ in our communities. In my efforts to be healthy, I have a physical trainer who spurs me on when I want to get lazy or adopt unhealthy habits. Church is where we find the trainers who spur us on to do what is right.

II. We gather to encourage each other.

a. When we spur each other on, we are saying “You must do this.” When we encourage we are saying, “You can do this!” A great deal of effort is involved in following Jesus. It is common to want to give up or to find an easier path. Church is where we find encouragement.

b. Biblical support: From Acts, there was a time when the disciples where threatened with persecution following the arrest of Peter and John. Their response, after having gathered, was to pray to God for more grace and opportunity. Individually, followers of Christ can become encouraged. Together, they become brave and powerful.

c. In the midst of running a race, runners will often encourage each other along the way. Family members will stand along the route with signs of encouragement. When the runner sees the signs and hears the words, they will pick up their pace, feel a little stronger, and continue on.

How to conclude this message: What do we expect from church? Perhaps many things. But, the Bible tells us that we should expect to be challenged to love and challenged toward good deeds. That may need feel good. But, we should also expect to be encouraged. That will feel better.

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