Summary: Because Christ is our High Priest, you must come to Him for atonement and removal of your sins.

I. Access to God is only possible through the atonement. 16:1-5

A. Entering God’s presence cannot be taken lightly (1-2).

1. Improper worship was met with death.

2. Proper worship must be done on His terms.

B. God prescribes the preparation for entering His presence (3-5).

1. Preparation of the High Priest.

2. Identification of the sacrifices.

II. Access to God is only possible through a blood sacrifice and complete removal of sin. 16:6-28

A. Access to God requires full atonement (6-10).

1. The procedure to make atonement.

2. The penalty for sin was the death.

B. God prescribes the ritual of the atonement (11-28).

1. Purification required a blood sacrifice (11-19).

2. Purification required removal of sin (20-22).

3. Purification required the completion of removal (23-28).

III. Access to God is only possible through a humble spirit of contrition. 16:29-34

A. The people did not work but humbled themselves (29-31).

1. Jesus was a humble servant.

2. Jesus fulfilled the work required for salvation.

B. God prescribes the regulations of the atonement (32-34).

1. Jesus was the anointed one.

2. Jesus made atonement for all the sin of everyone.

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