Summary: Are we serious about hearing God?

Please open your Bibles to 1 Samuel Chapter 15…..

Remember that Samuel was God’s Prophet. Israel was God’s chosen People and Saul was the first human king of Israel. 1 Samuel 15 is a very interesting chapter and again Saul gets his hand caught in the cookie jar, sort of speak. For today, let us just focus on the first 12 verses; read along with me v1-12

We can note in v1 how important it was for Saul to listen. Saul was reminded that it was God Himself who called Samuel to anoint Saul king. Isn’t God’s spokesperson basically saying “Saul, you owe everything to God, so listen very carefully!”

In v2-3: we note, God’s reasoning and clear instruction to Saul. The main specific instruction for Saul and the Israelites was to destroy everything belonging to the Amalakites! God was judging the ungodly Amalakites.

Now, isn’t it interesting what we read in v4-6! First of all, let us note the number of soldiers the Israelites had; at least 210000 men! Saul had an army!

Secondly, Saul was given a green light to battle but we see compassion. Saul gave the Kenites an opportunity to escape and live. And we can also note the intelligence of Saul by remembering what the Kenites did for the Israelites. Why did God place these truths here? I believe God wants people who are learning from this passage that Saul may have acted foolishly, but he was not a fool! Saul took action deliberately!

How many “smart” people do we know today who refuse to believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible?

And so we read in v7-9: Saul attacked the Amalakites, but what did he do wrong??

Saul was directly told by God to totally destroy everything belonging to the Amalakites and he decided to keep the king alive and the best animals! Saul and Israel disobeyed God!

And so we read in v10-11, God was grieved because the man He chose as king turned away from God and disobeyed.

We noted that Saul was no fool and v12 gives us an indication what Saul was interested in. What was Saul’s main focus in life??

v12: Although he believed in God, Saul’s focus in life was honoring only himself!

Before we partake of Communion, let us note Biblical Principles from our passage today.

First of all, how is our listening of God? Does God really have our attention on a daily basis? To make him think about truly listening to God, Saul was reminded of what he owed to God. And so, here’s the first thought for us;

1. To make us listen more intently to God, ask, how much do we owe God?

God has given us life to live on a daily basis. How much time do we give God in reading His Bible?

God loves us so much that He died for our sins. Do we really love God’s Word and take it seriously?

And when God speaks, His instructions are clear and direct. And so,

2. Are we obeying God’s Word completely or only portions?

And finally let us not be like Saul who believed in God but sought to honor himself rather that his Creator.

3. The truth is Jesus Christ created us, died for our sins, will return to judge the living and the dead. How much do we honor ourselves in comparison to honoring Jesus Christ in our daily lives?

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