Summary: The Bible places a great value on what kind of heart you have. What is your heart like today?


The Bible places a great value on what kind of heart you have. What is your heart like today? There are many different kinds of hearts present in this room! We will look at four kinds of hearts: a sinnful heart, a trusting heart, a tender heart, and a surrendered heart.

I. A Sinful Heart (Romans 3:23)

How many like jungle stories? Let me introduce you to three jungle friends of mine: Niamby: the lion hunter, Kecoo: the chicken, Nazoka: the snake. Every morning, Kecoo would lay an egg and sing her song. When Niamby hear Kecoo’s song, he knew that he would have a nice egg to eat. Soon Nazoka learned that whenever Kecoo sang her song, there was a nice egg to eat. On day Nazoka found a whole in the floor of the chicken coop. Slowly, he slide his head into the whole and looked around. Once he was sure that no one was looking, he slide into the coop and swallowed the egg! As he tried to slide back out the whole, he got stuck. He pushed and pushed and pushed. All of a sudden, the egg broke in his stomache and filled it. Nazoka knew he would have to have another egg. The next day, he slide into the whole with less caution and swollowed the egg. He did this every day for a week. Finally, Niamby realized that Kecoo was singing her song and he was not getting any eggs! He waited outside the chicken coop the next day. As we waited, he saw Nazoka slide into the coop, swollow the egg, and slide out the whole again. Niamby knew exactly what to do! He went back into his house and hard boiled an egge. When Kecoo sang her song the next morning, he replace the good egg with the hard boiled egg. As he watched, Nazoka slide back into the whole, swolled the egg, and tried to silde back out of the whole. This time he got stuck. He heard some noise and looked up to see.....

To hear the edn of the story, you must pay close attention to the end of the sermon!

II. A Trusting Heart (II Kings 5:1-3)

Despite being kidnapped and away from her home, this little girl completed trusted in God to accomplish anything that needed to be done!

III. A Tender[Obedient] Heart (II Kings 22:1-2, 8, 19; 23:1-3)

Once Josaih knew what was right to do, he immediately obeyed God!

IV. A Surrendered Heart (John 6:5-9)

When the lad found out that Jesus needed something that he had, he never hesitated to give it all to Jesus!


Now back to the jungle....As Nazoka looked up, he saw Niamby with a machety raised above his head. In an instant, the machety came down and cut Nazoka’a head off. His sin cost him his life!

What kind of heart do you have today?

1. If you have a sinnful heart, you need to trust Christ as your Saviour. Only he can pay for your sins and change your sinnful heart to a clean forgiven heart!

2. If you are here and know Christ as your Saviour, then you need to strive to keep your heart a trusting, tender, and surrendered heart so God can use you!

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