Summary: A great Sermon on Prayer

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How Long since you talked to:


Matthew 6:5-8

One of my dear friends, you could even say that he was a Father Figure, died a couple years ago!!!!

He had given his heart to the Lord in his bed, just one week before he died.

He had been bed ridden for about a year.

My wife sent me to check on him, and I asked his wife and him if they were ready to meet The Lord.

And my friend Sam said I suppose so!!

I said Sambo that ain’t good enough.

I said do you want to go to Heaven and He

said well Yes I Do!!!

So He accepted the Lord right then and there.

A couple days later I spoke with Him on the Phone and I asked him if he died would he go to Heaven and He said I Sure Will!!!!

That next weekend I went out of town on vacation and got called back to preach his funeral!!!

This may sound bad but : knowing where He went:

It felt really good knowing He wasn’t gonna suffer any more, and not to mention I knew where He Went: To Heaven of Course!!!

I think it was in World War II that this expression was often used by people who hadn’t had much to do with Religion:

I want to talk to the man upstairs!!!!!

So tonight I’m gonna preach on :

The Promises,

The purposes,

and The People of Prayer!!!!!

God’s Promise to all you sinners, is that

We’ve all been told that, God only will hear one prayer form a sinner.

I think he hears all prayers but, he only listens to the sinners repentance prayer.

This out cry to ‘God is the evidence that this person praying, wants to be more than a sinner that’s bound for hell.

He wants his sins forgiven.

God’s word in Romans 10:13 says:

Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!!!AMEN

This means that there’s no limits as to who will be saved!!!

Whosoever means good folk, bad folk, better folk, and worser folk!!!!

And everybody else in between!!!

God has solemnly promised in His word that all who call on Him will be saved!!!

This ain’t like reciting a poem neither.

It has to come from the deepest, most sincere part of your heart!!!

So if you’ve never been saved tonight, right here very soon you will be given the opportunity to give your life to the Lord.

And We’ll all go to heaven together!!

And also the healing prayer of Faith will also be offered before we leave tonight!!!

There’s but only a 15 second prayer that makes the difference between Heaven and hell!!!

Romans 10:9 says:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

People it don’t get no plainer than that now does it????

God has promised forgiveness of our sins.

The Christian knows, or he should know, that they ain’t perfect.

Every day in our Christian walk with God we will encounter something sinful in our words, our deeds, or our thoughts.

And God isn’t happy as long as these things stand between Him and this world!!!

If a person loves Jesus Christ he should strive not to allow sin into our lives!!!!

The Bible says:

Resist the devil and he must flee from you!!

The main thing here is that when we do sin we must remember that we are children of God and all we have to do is continue to keep our personal relationship in order with God.

I mean stay prayed up.

Keep confessing our sins, and keep them out!!!!

And if we continue to be faithful to God,

And the Bible says: He will be faithful and just to us and readily forgive us of our sins, If we confess!!


But wooooo don’t get me wrong now,

This ain’t once in grace always in grace either, or eternal salvation.

You have to stay prayed up.

The Bible says Pray without ceasing!!!

Even David Back in Psalm 51

was a man after God’s own heart, but he sinned as well as everyone else does.

But He loved The Lord but still his sin stood right there between him and God.

So what did he do, He prayed for forgiveness.

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness.

He acknowledged his sins and he asked God to forgive him of them!!!

And I know that we all have enemies, but our Bible tells us to pray for them,

And this ain’t always an easy thing for us to do.

Like when a friend has talked about us and hurt our feelings, or maybe even damaged our reputation.

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